13 thoughts on “Xrp Ripple NEWS:The Digital Asset Space is Blowing Up!!”

  1. Oh and BTC already went mini-parabolic and will continue if we are lucky, BTC is not dropping below $4k as you are hoping, no way (if it did XRP would tank). I doubt it goes below $7k.

  2. 10x ATHs is not unreasonable for any top coin right?…and if XRP is the best then it should be no problem. Personally I would be quite disappointed if there was a 2-year bull run and XRP only went to $30-40…every coin had a run like that or much higher in the past bull run. If XRP is what we say it is, then it will not take 2 yrs for that to be clear.

  3. I think the time is now , the emotions I feel today I have never felt before …… both scared and excited for our future , Smile for whats coming ๐Ÿ™‚

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