Xrp Ripple News: Elevate Group: A Smart Way to Leverage BTC's First Movers Advantage!!!!!!

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Elevate Group – Elevate Group is a managed bitcoin mining service …

At Elevate, we purchase your miner directly from Bitmain. We cover all shipping, customs, and set up costs. Your miner is delivered directly to our mining farm …
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4 thoughts on “Xrp Ripple News: Elevate Group: A Smart Way to Leverage BTC's First Movers Advantage!!!!!!”

  1. Hey brother. Here is my experience and thoughts.

    Bcc, sign up buy btc comvert to bcc and earn interest with our "bots" which was fake.

    Elevated Group, sign up buy a "virtual miner" which you dont own and earn btc daily and get paid monthly. Seems fishy, cause they can play with your money for 6 weeks.

    I bet there is no mining involved and they are using the money you give them , then they dish out small btc chips daily.

    If all goes to hell, just exit. Rinse and repeat

    Proof of work doesnt work, btc is moving away from mining too. So ask yourself is this a good long term investment?

    I wouldn't recommend it since I got burned with bcc. I dont trust these guys and they arent sec regulated. Better off buying btc then this scam. Imo

  2. Concerns: Possible ponzi scheme.

    Example:Pay money upfront for non existent miner. Company uses money to trade crypto..pay customers small.monthly payments. Oh yes, it takes weeks to "set up" your miner..meanwhile your upfront payment is being traded. Oh yes, your miner needs repair..another opportunity to trade your money..oh yes..we charge a 20% fee..free trading money..of yes..due to btc difficulty increase..please buy another miner..rinse and repeat.

    Thanks for sharing the video..from the looks of it..it makes more sense to simply buy BTC. Good luck, and I hope this doesnt bite you in the end. (I know you dont have all your eggs in this basket)

    A couple years ago, a small group of us ALMOST invested in our own small btc mining farm operation..but the numbers didnt add up long term considering not only electric costs, but more jmportantly..the severe difficulty curve. Mining is now firmly a rich man's game.

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