XRP News: Is SBI Slowly Pushing XRP Up?

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23 thoughts on “XRP News: Is SBI Slowly Pushing XRP Up?”

  1. Good thing defending Sam. He does not just shout out to his followers and regurgitate news. He actually analysis data and makes predictions, some of which he has got wrong but that is why they are predictions. But I enjoy his way of thinking and he seems like a very intelligent guy.

  2. xrp is dead.  crypto-kitties are the future! blockchain beanie babies are the new global financial system. If you disagree with me, you are stupid.   how many crypto-kitties do you think i need to retire?   when will crypto-kitties moon? what types should i have in my portfolio?

  3. Sam is a legend, and the work he does for the xrp community is second to none, even when he went after the scammers and busted all of them. It really is unfair the shit he gets, but some people are just rotten to the core and like nothing more than to revel in misery that they cause to others….

  4. Im glad it was said about Sam. I TOTALLY RESPECT Sam!!Love Sams videos,Im a serious XRPer but he really did NOT need to pat himself on the back by Saying what do you think your watching Not a Brad or Alex video whom we XRPers also Love,and maybe a little more personable than he with their different style vides/about CKJ part well yeah whatevers still there is understandable hatred with the St Jude thing is understandable between them. BTW Love your video contribution too!!Yeah pat yourself on the back,but he didnt need to imply that hes better than Brad or Alex thats all.just my take, again Great work and Thank you Very much!!

  5. Wel spoken. In this space too much drama. All content providers want one thing, Ripple/XRP to succeed. Don't feel attacked if someone just gives his idea about you… unless he is accusing without backup.

  6. Dude. Great video. You all are the only media source I can watch for the latest on xrp. No where can I count on for information. My life is so busy, I don't have the luxury to do any research. So I depend on you, Sam I Am, Alex Cobb, Bearable Bull, Digital Asset Investor, Dusty, Crypto Mike, and CJK. All of you are to me like Oprah is to my Mom.

  7. Btw .i was telling someone about xrp and she had no idea what i was trying to say. I am not able to explain it well. I know the majority if not all of your subs know what xrp is. But would u please do a video that is "dumbed" down enough to share to those outside this community. Like titled. The ABCs of XRP Something like that. The very basic. No technical jargon, no acronyms. Just bare bones. ??

  8. Some youtuber consider other colleagues on youtube as competitors and try over comlice to attack them in their livechats. For example CK's PublicDefender how tried to attack another youtuber with the attempt of forced outing as homosexual – For me already a case for the prosecutor

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