21 thoughts on “XRP- More OZ Behind The Curtain!!!”

  1. What would you say if something now goes wrong with Bitru? You bud just “pegged” yourself to that company. Hope it goes well for you I really do but you seem like an intelligent guy…….what if?

  2. Susie might have a problem with how they earn the interest or something deep behind the co. I would dig in a little deeper to the other bolt on benefits to the co. Before you discredit someone who worked on a trading desk with her experience. I know because that’s my industry. I don’t care either way but you have no financial background you are a professional you tuber. Do you get any financial gain from Bitru? Funny when you tubers gag on each other. Lots of different motivations from all of you. Take it leave , could care less

  3. October 5th post by David Schwartz on Twitter. A chair that says Jerkologist. In geomtria it translates to "year of the gold buffalo" which happens to be a 99.999% gold coin. October 5th also happens to be the first moon on BG123 hat for Q4 2019. Makes me think they will announce this year that XRP will become pegged to the price of Gold. A bit of a stretch for the average person but David Schwartz is a cryptologist and his brain is always working 9 steps ahead of everyone else.

  4. Finasteride! The announcement that Ripple has partnered with a hair regrowth company is proof positive of coming adoption, balding is a serious issue worldwide and Ripple are right now at the centre of it. Great news.

  5. the pretending is ending! dollar is doomed.. how much longer till the C/B goes to congress and asked for 20T?? to prolong this another 10yrs. God forbid.. its all they can do or its crash time!! lets go XRP to the rescue!!

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