XRP (Lack of) Price Action

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27 thoughts on “XRP (Lack of) Price Action”

  1. RIPPLE SHOULD BURN/DESTROY 90% of their 55 billion coins! It will be fair to the investors in XRP! Ripple and XRP is the biggest scam in the world! They own such a massive supply close to 55 billion that they did not buy or invest…. they just pre-mined and are allowed to sell it ''slowly'' indefinitely! That's called a never-ending ICO!!! they sold 535 million last year, and have just released another billion to sell this month. IF YOU REALLY WANT THE XRP PRICE TO GROW THEN AS A XRP COMMUNITY YOU NEED TO DEMAND that 90% of there 55 billion xrp coins get burned and destroyed never to be sold! if you care about the XRP community then you would see the logic in this and rally up the investors to demand it get done

  2. As others have said its USA regs holding back XRP but can you imagine what is going to happen to the price of XRP the day favourable regulation is inevitably announced?

  3. LOL at the Bitcoin maximalists doggedly clinging to their antiquated ways, however BTC has majorly significant first to market legacy value, scarcity value & its also the main way the big financial institutions are going to get onboard with crypto. BTC will undoubtedly become digital gold. Obviously XRP will dominate eventually, that is clear to anyone who takes the time to look, but Bitcoin is the darling that's going to be getting the attention for the foreseeable future, like it or not.

  4. XRP is being held in the 30 to 32 cents range, the volume can go up substantially, yet the price won't move. It can be frustrating as to why, but in time, the price will go up, it has to in order to be used to move the large amounts of money, around the World daily

  5. My little conspiracy hypothesis isn't that XRP is being held down or manipulated. It's that the other coins are being pumped by the tether printers. On Bitfinex BTC, ETH, EOS, BCH, and LTC are the only coins that have tether pairs.

  6. I thought you were rational in your thinking but now you seem to have contracted same virus as most of the community that relies on hope , hype and excuses instead of objective facts . If somebody wants to keep price down then it can only be done by supply of XRP . There is less than 15% XRP is owned by masses and certainly they are not selling . Only people who are selling on larger scale is Ripple and Jeb Mcaleb and David Schwartz and probably few more insiders who are holding large quantity of XRP . About 90 percent of masses hold less than 3000 XRP in their wallet . Ripple has failed to capture any significant amount of cross border payment by using Xrapid , cross border payment was the main use case for XRapid . " Taking over SWIFT " and "flip the switch" these kind of misinformation may keep people happy only so long before patience run out . Now only excuse you come up with to blame others for XRP's performance . There is no comparison between Bitcoin and XRP and why would you even compare these two coins . XRP is made for bankers and bankers are not interested in it presently as simple as that . Time should be spent convincing bankers than people here . Bitcoin is intended for masses and masses accepted it with open arms and it makes no difference how primitive bitcoin is . I hope you are more objective and unbiased in your opinion .

  7. I've always had my own little theory on the odd relationship between BTC and XRP. and how BTC in the last run exhausted its gains then XRP blew its lid right after. I think some of the biggest holders in crypto ie. Arrington, Pompliano, Draper, Yesko, Silbert and so on are closer to each other than you think. These rich people rub shoulders all year around and know for certain that XRP is the better asset but why choose one lane, instead make money off the two so when you see these people on tv, summits, conventions and what have you notice when XRP is brought up they kind of just go around it or over it. Never bash it, (in the closet XRP lovers). As BTC did its last huge run when its steam for gains were becoming exhaust why not let off whatever orchestrated supressor they had on xrp as they swap their btc for xrp. The only thing better than taking advantage of huge moves up is not letting the next coin in line move at the same time but better making it blow after you've taken advantage of the first ones entire move. If you think about it at the same time it minimizes their risk in a hug way. Instead of having to lay out double the capital incase both coins run simultaneously you only invest the same capital twice and take hugggggeeeeee profits. Pay me no mind. Conspiracy theory lol

  8. Many (including me) enjoyed the gains from the past multiple spikes already but not in xrp that always stable at .29-.33. Many already bought bikes and cars just because of these spikes but not in xrp that still hodling. I was one of among xrp hodler before but awakened already and enjoying the gains already from other coins because of the past multiple pumps.

  9. Ripple XRP is a SCAM:

    * Ripple / XRP Red Flags
    FACT: Corey Johnson, Director of Marking at Ripple leaves and his position eliminated because it's "not even needed".
    FACT: Wells Fargo once again rejects XRapid. CEO says "We are not impressed" after latest test.
    FACT: XRP price continues to stagnate in the $0.30's and worse yet volume dries to a trickle while BTC and ETH price and volume boom.
    FACT: Ripple's chief scientist and cryptologist David Schwarz announces in April he's "going part time" at Ripple:
    FACT: Between April 9 and April 15 2019 David Schwarz (Chief Cryptologist at Ripple) sells $2.8Million worth of his own XRP (nearly half of all he owns). So much for the rumor about David Schwarz being Satoshi Nakamoto!
    Stop listening to HYPE and THINK. XRP is a SCAM offered by Ripple the Company to fund their operations off YOUR hard earned money while they sell their OTHER services to their customers

  10. I looked back at the bullrun that started in 2015. From what I saw bitcoin and others were rising while xrp didn’t even move until 2017. So if you got 2 years to kill it might be worth waiting. In my case I’m hodling for a very long time. Although that case happened where it was stagnant for 2 years it still outperformed everything after all was said and done. But with ripple and other companies having more successes right now I don’t think we will be waiting that long for xrp to catch up. There’s just a lot more going on with xrp now than in 2015

  11. there are several factors manipulating xrp price. the most important is the threat it posses to central banks and their power to create fiat currency. just like the result of this in creating recessions and depressions has led to the soaring price of bitcoin which allows peer to peer transactions but is nothing more than a store of value and speculation similair to what we see in the art world. xrp reduces the role of central banks to create fiat and provides value to all involved. so there's some powerful people that don't want that to happen and trying to minamize the damage that is use of xrp. ripple at concensus will finally come out and say what i have been saying for months.

  12. Yep, I totally remember when coinmarketcap removed the South Korean exchanges and simulated a market crash for XRP which resulted in an actual xrp market crash.

    The funny thing is, we always look at the ATH of XRP of $3.60, however, those of us that were watching back then know for a fact that xrp was flying back then and was clearly suppressed, without that event, we likley today woud be talking conservatively about a $10 ATH.

    Therefore in the next bull run, I would be looking for XRP to hit around $10.

    Compound this with the fact that there were very few XRP onramps back then, and throughout 2018 there are about 100 different ways to gain an xrp position around the world.

    Based on this, I really do not think $20 would be out of the relhm of possibly at all.

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