XRP-Don`t Blink FinCEN CVC Guidelines!!!!!!!!!!

I`m not a financial advisor.This is for educational purposes only!!


8 thoughts on “XRP-Don`t Blink FinCEN CVC Guidelines!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I enjoy your videos, perhaps when XRP goes up will you treat yourself and buy a new T shirt , must be getting a bit smelly by now🤢
    Keep up all the good work.

  2. Hi Brad, enjoyed your stream, caught the tail end of it last night, rewatching the replay. ‘Ere! You know we keep on about how XRPs volatility is being controlled at the moment, makes me also wonder if the recent hike in the market has also been manufactured to see if xrp can still be held at a certain price, its all to prove to the powers that be what can be done, hence why we were allowed to purchase the coin in the first place, cos if the banks and FIs only had it they still wouldnt be on the open market, so they wouldnt know how or if they could control XRPs price, (bit like Gemini space programme as the ‘sandbox’ for Apollo space programme, look what they achieved there!!) basically us ordinary folk/retailers were/are just yet another experiment?! Am I way off base?

  3. Good show and enjoy the call-ins many people in XRP are very knowledgeable with variety of related sources and with that said glad to hear TA people coming shortly.Price points are not important,however dot connecting principally in historical realm of blockchain development in relation to TA is.

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