XRP: Coinbase Listing = $10? Nope.

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For now I am bearish and still awaiting new lows, but bullish long term.=)

A thank you to my friends and a Christmas recipe.=)

I’m not a financial advisor. Nothing I say or write or do is financial advice. This is for entertainment purposes only. Invest at your own risk and be aware you can lose all your money investing.


22 thoughts on “XRP: Coinbase Listing = $10? Nope.”

  1. sure they have done something for XRP… Volume for XRP is already #3 on coinbase pro. In a week or two we will see the same thing on their regular retail site. plus 8 million people now have on off ramps to XRP that they didnt have before…

  2. I used Coinbase 2 yrs ago as my entry into digital assets and bought some LTC. I encourage everybody to check out Abra, its fast, super easy and backed by AMEX. No fees, 30 some odd assets and soon you will be able to buy fractional shares of certain stocks. Your assets stay on the blockchain, I know some people don't like the fact that they cant transport to personal wallet, all I care about is if I get the assets appreciation value. Check it out

  3. Reading your comments… remember when people used to be super nice in the comments? Me too!! Ha. Oh well, as Woody Allen’s character in Stardust Memories said, “too much reality is not what the people want.”

    Have a GREAT weekend, brother!

  4. I’ve only got around $100 of XRP as moved most to other coins. I feel XRP is rubbish in all honesty but something makes me hold a few crumbs of it. I have switched to Steller xlm and Tron. XRP is not a real crypto as the Rothschild bankers are behind it who will happily take suckers money to sirpress the market yet it’s still over valued as there are just too many coins for it ever to be worth much. and it is heavily regulated and controlled by ripple . I see it going absolutely nowhere if I am honest . . It says it is a good way of transferring money but the problem is it’s too risky for users as the market is volatile and there is a good chance you can send money but it will dump in the process and be worth much less. Fiat currency is stable doesn’t fluctuate like crypto. It has zero use right now and something better will inevitably take over.

  5. XRP is my first love! Today 1 billion xrp out of escrow and the price is not affected. There is no way to predict a price of XRP if there's no impact when a billion tokens are added.

  6. With some coins having absolutely no use case whatsoever and seeing them same coins at over $100 puts XRP in a really bad place with ALL the news it's had yet no obvious direct impact on its value. Terrible!!!

  7. Too much fomo people. Get real 589'ers…. Get a life and dont get disconnected from the reality. Price will come, but just not too early… Take it easy and stack that xrp up in your wallet

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