XRP and Bitcoin… Bull Run or B.S.?

Well, we finally have some action that looks like it might stay around a while. Is this the kind of action we’ve been waiting for on XRPTipBot? Or is this something else? Find out in today’s video.
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44 thoughts on “XRP and Bitcoin… Bull Run or B.S.?”

  1. Good for you. Honest and understandable. If your not inspired and just doing a video for Youtube gains like sooooo many, which then you take the video with a pinch of salt. Great to see you back on when there's actually something to say. When viewers are emotionally driven your very brave. 🙂 Here's to the bearded baldy tribe. its like looking into a mirror watching you and Cryto love. lol

  2. Search on the internet for crypthor a banking guy from Switzerland who says the same. Bitcoin will die as its mined predominantly in China……ask Trump what he thinks of that. XRP is the way to go. Bitcoin is one of the worst crypto utilities

  3. People get annoyed with you because you think logical and you tell the truth, most people just want to hear positive news. I agree with you people get very emotional too quick I mean come we are at 0.43 this is nothing.

  4. The grinch
    Only comes out with negative shit when it’s green.
    You used to be a happy go lucky chap.
    But these days mate.
    Maybe u should release negative vibes when we are in the red.
    And try crack a real smile not an arrogant laugh when we in the green.

    It’s a long term process so just enjoy the ride.

  5. Ha ha he sold most of his xrp for that os shit coin, now his trying to talk xrp down to make him self feel better, Check out a video he did a few month ago saying start planning to be rich now after xrapid went live. Sir you are full off shit and have no logic. Xrp up %35 today 🖕🏼and by the way 3 x 18 = 54 not 540

  6. While I respect your thoughts on XRP and BTC, I sense you are thinking too much and this is exactly what leads us to sell prematurely. Buy and Hold is the way to go or as the millenials say in the crypto space – HODL

  7. This could be it 🤷🏻‍♂️ this could not be it 🤷🏻‍♂️ all I know is I’d prefer to have more so if it goes back to .30 or even under I can grab a last chunk, it’s a win win for me either way!

  8. I know this market is just speculative hot air right now but am really hoping for hype to carry XRP to at least $30 before the inevitable dump, so I can cash out 1/3 to pay off the mortgage and capital gains, then would make holding long-term a lot easier until utiliy is moving the price. I'm assuming once Fidelity and all the investment firms start offering crypto to their clients, should help pump the market nice.

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