Will Bitcoin's Epic Run Continue? – 2 Concerns that Are Looming! – BTC Profits to Pump Altcoins?

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Will Bitcoin’s Epic Run Continue?
Will BTC Profit’s Flow to the Altcoins?
Example of a comparable BTC…


36 thoughts on “Will Bitcoin's Epic Run Continue? – 2 Concerns that Are Looming! – BTC Profits to Pump Altcoins?”

  1. A lot of people will be realizing that there is an entire market of alts available, it's not just BTC.
    investors are just waking up to this. there will be research and discovery into the alts, give those slow asses time.

  2. The big question now is: When is the retracement going to kick in? Good chance it happens when i'm at work, so then i'll have to login there to move some BTC temporarily to Tether or XRP. Or i can wait, but then i miss out on some extra profits right now.

  3. I think this is the biggest bull trap since last year. There's multiple divergence signals and there's hasn't been a healthy pull back or long enough consolidation. But either way we're riding the wave

  4. Binance is only a small piece of the overall market I bet it will serve to help pump the price more because some people are chomping at the bit to buy more

  5. Will we ever see a 5k bitcoin again? When the alt season starts kicking in soon we may never see a 100 dollar LTC or 1 cent DGB etc etc. Those were the days fomo beeetches 😭😭

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