Will BITCOIN run continue? | BTC Price Update

In my empty kitchen with no equipment doing a Bitcoin technical analysis video. Forgive the old school approach – I am in the middle of a move! HIT that subscribe if you’re new here πŸ‘Š

The question on everyone’s minds: Will the bulls continue to drive bitcoin price higher? Or is it time for BTC price consolidation?


20 thoughts on “Will BITCOIN run continue? | BTC Price Update”

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  3. You rock Dan, thanks for your analysis, spot on as usual. We get should get a nice retracement in next two weeks or so and then off into the next bull market.

  4. BTC could go up but we must also be prepared for it to go down. Over time it will go up but during that period it may and/or may not go down again; technical analysis at its finest.

  5. and yet, what we see here is the result of 3 groups sharing the same interest; miners, exchanges and speculators

    but you know who's interest has not been served? those who are supposed to use bitcoin … international companies

    they have the option to switch from paypal and/or the banks to bitcoin already, but … they're not doing it!

    and why not? because you guys, the miners, the exchanges and especially the speculators are only interested in the speculative aspect of it, not the functionalities of it, which is why there are hardly any proper bank services available for bitcoin … while the currency itself is wildly volatile …

    bitcoin needs to crash, so the developers get the shit scared out of them and park their lambo's back in the garage, get behind their desks again, switch off the fucking markets and write some damn code … where's my chargeback? how do I confirm a key first before sending any bitcoin? what about escrow? theft insurance? fraud prevention ? ETF's, remember that?

    bitcoin is the best currency ever, the banking services industry around it is for the most part just missing, it simply doesn't exist, who's going to maintain your bull run? international companies !! as long they don't switch from paypal/banks to bitcoin … you're all just bullshitting yourselves!

    no technological improvements, no bull run

    no, the lighting network doesn't solve anything, whenever international companies are sending $10k – $100k, they don't care about the 10 minutes, because the 10 minutes are part of the security, which is more important than 10 minutes … satoshi was right about that; for large amounts, security is more important than 10 minutes; it's fine

    you paying for a cup of coffee is not going to make bitcoin the next world reserve currency, international companies sending lots of money around the world all the time … that's what will fuel the next bull run; as long most standard banking features don't even exist for bitcoin … why would international companies switch to bitcoin?

    the bitcoin ecosystem needs lower prices … especially the exchanges need a well earned, severe punishment

    yes, true, it could be it bounces off $4.2k, which then supposedly means it has been a bull market since $3.2k, but what if that takes 6 months and another 6 months to go from there to $8k?

    what if it's mostly down for another 9-12 months? and with down, I mean, below the current $7.5k … what if this is now the peak of the next 6-9 months downwards market … what if it takes a year for bitcoin to first touch that bottom trendline a few more times and then finally break the $8k? seriously, think about!

    I wouldn't sell the wife just yet, you might be eating sandwiches for a bit longer πŸ˜‰

  6. No this market is moved by whales not by regular people and they will do absolutely the opposite of what everyone is looking at, infact they did exactly what Tone Vays and all other youtubers expect and they surprised everyone and completely neglected technical analysis

  7. Well done for putting out video though you’re not well!

    2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin reward halvings keep getting closer…..πŸŒ”..πŸ›°

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