When is LITECOIN Halving? $650 LTC? HUGE MCO and NULS Cryptocurrency News!

Crypto.com, NULS, and Digibyte all have interesting updates you would like to know about. Mattie will also talk about the upcoming Litecoin Halving.
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16 thoughts on “When is LITECOIN Halving? $650 LTC? HUGE MCO and NULS Cryptocurrency News!”

  1. Yep 2019 Łitecoin mining reward halving getting closer every day. Bitcoin 2020..🌬🐬

    ‘The biggest supply shock in the history of financial markets

  2. BTC never made a lower low on price after it's halving. Whether LTC reached $650 or not after it's halving is to be seen, but the price of LTC now will seem like a steal once it's halving is complete in August.

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