Watch Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary challenge the bull case for Bitcoin

Anthony Pompliano, founder and partner at Morgan Creek Digital Assets, joins “Squawk Box” along with Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary to discuss the latest surge in cryptocurrencies amid a market sell-off.


28 thoughts on “Watch Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary challenge the bull case for Bitcoin”

  1. That bald guy is retarded and needs to be retired from talking about bitcoin.
    Stocks are crap. Dollar is backed by nothing how is bitcoin different then cash or stocks? It’s really not. They just don’t won’t People buying into getting rich.
    I am buying bitcoin as much as I can

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  3. So, this is the video where Kevin says he'll NEVER put 'real' money Dollars into crypto garbage…. Will everyone please do me a favor and up vote this comment in a few years time when it is referenced as proof of Kevin's change of opinion?

  4. Haha! Everyone at this table besides Pomp, especially Kevin hates it because they don't understand anything about it.

    Kevin, the USD is not real money – its currency, and currency and money are not the same thing!

  5. The value as he said is that it's a non-sovereign, digital, borderless currency. Sure it's mostly speculators now, but if any new currency were to organically emerge, it would certainly go through a phase of hobbyist & speculation.

  6. At one point in history, people though the internet, apps, smart phones, electric cars, and autonomy was garbage. The future is bright, don't get left behind, and embrace change, and technology that'll change the world

  7. Great interview POMP!. What Kevin O'leary doesn't understand here is blockchain, he really shouldn't be ignorant and research, why its been the best performing asset in the last decade. Bitcoin has more reasons of intrinsic value than majority of assets. Bitcoin has great low cost and quick Remittance transfers, Highly cryptographically secure asset, High divisibility,Total Transaction transparency, Fixed supply asset and the fact that you don't need a bank to transact with bitcoin which rids you from overdraft fees, monthly fees, withdrawal limits, spending limits, Bank holds, Weekend Pending settlements and best of all, Quantitative easing. This is a Phenomenal asset, the likes we've never seen before, I recommend people take the time to realize how impactful blockchain can and will change the world.

  8. stop the lies, Bitcoin is just manipulated by a few people. Once they took it off Chicago exchange, bitcoin start to rise. They could start to play this game again.

  9. When people talk that negatively about bitcoin at this stage where bitcoin is at 8k …you have to understand that we are still very early. One day anyone who talks negatively is going to be looked at like a loony.

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