Watch an analyst make the bull case for Uber

Dan Ives, managing director and equity analyst at Wedbush Securities, joins ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss why he continues to be a believer in Uber’s stock. Also at the table is Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.


17 thoughts on “Watch an analyst make the bull case for Uber”

  1. Utter bullshit. How can he assign uber eats a $20billion valuation when grubhub has a greater market share and has under $6 billion valuation. These idiots pull numbers out of their rear end.

  2. Uber is providing jobs and saving people from DUI and many companies use Uber for their company purposes. Also modern times we need to send out emails and text messages, talk on the phone. Uber provides rides so that people save money on penalties and long term dangers of driving in traffic and falling asleep behind the wheel and Uber also regulates policies setting the standards drivers must meet so passengers can rest assured on the performance of their Uber

  3. Uber priced their stock lower because they believe in their customers and going public at that price allows everyone to buy shares early on before the big wolves come and take the stock market to the next level and common stock holder can't afford it any more

  4. The Future of Uber is UNSAFE DRIVERS AND CARS. When Uber went from taking 20% of what customers pay,
    To now in 2019., they take 40% to 70% on almost every ride, and do not pay the gas costs!
    Drivers cannot fix their cars, pay rent, and so you breed a broke despite driver who may start robbing and cheating
    customers, as that is what uber has done to them.. While they go homeless, as their brake pads wear out.

  5. It's funny that Dan was saying Uber could expand overseas when it already lost to Didi in China and losing against Ola in India and Grab in Southeast Asia, where the 3 regions account for half of the global population.

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