Uber is not a growth company, says billionaire investor Mark Cuban

Uber underwriters were so concerned about the stock’s IPO that they used a legal technique that would allow underwriters to sell more shares and allow them to buy more stock back in the market. Investor Mark Cuban weighs in on the stock.


45 thoughts on “Uber is not a growth company, says billionaire investor Mark Cuban”

  1. Today's SV culture is no one interested in profit or cash flow anymore. It's about valuation and hype. It's like 2001 all over again. But number one rule of business is no company can exist witouth making any profit on the long run. Sooner or later you will run out of other people's money.

  2. What most of you in comments dont understand is that Uber's true value lies in future driverless tech. Once you fire all the drivers, it's basically a pure profit company. Of course, the tech is still 5-10 yrs away, and a lot can happen in 5-10 yrs. But if Uber can hang on that long, they'll be one of the largest transportation companies in the world. They'll probably get involved in trucking too.

  3. Mark Cuban is only slandering Uber stock because he is an investor in Lyft, who also recently IPO'd and is a direct competitor. how do ppl believe this is true, I have no clue

  4. Nobody seems to understand lyft and uber, waze, et al….they are tech companies whose sole business model from day 1 is to develop and perfect AI for a driverless car that can be mass produced. Period. The nanosecond that happens..Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple…one or all of them will start to cut checks and buy them out one by one in huge M&A deals. These companies make billions easy….but ride sharing is just a funding mechanism…all profit goes right back into R&D which is why they both also hemmorage money at a hige losses. Its a race to be the 1st company to cement their place in history and change transportation as we know it. Nobody cares about driver pay or passenger fares or shareholders…nobody…the goal is to perfect the technology then get bought out by a company that will then help them mass produce their end product. Anybody who thinks lyft or uber is even trying to do anything else to show a profit should stop talking and go back to investing in IBM.

  5. Mark Cuban is the most fortunate of “techies”. He sold what was soon to be antiquated at a market top. Good for him. However, not so long ago he commented that one of his greatest errors was not
    investing in Uber at an early stage. All that is known about Uber today was known at the moment he said that. Mr. Cuban it seems is at odds with himself or likes to hear himself rattle on.
    The fact is that he would have been happy to be vested in Uber at a low valuation and happier still to profit when it was unloaded on the public.

  6. But arent car sharing companies growth companies? Not in the short term of course, but with the advent of autonomous cars, millenials not buying and driving anymore and other social changes these types of companies will eventually grow no? Dont count on drivers joining uber as a last resort type of thing, because drivers will eventually not be a part of the equation. Think of it in terms of the future of transportation.

  7. I don't understand how uber lose money when it's just a software company! If anything they didn't meet they numbers# I definitely wouldn't say there losing money what overhead do they have besides advertising and paying there IT to run there program!!!

  8. So first I would admit I don't have the answer. And next I would just try my best to use the Uber app and Lyft app to my advantage for as long as they exist. As an investor I would buy Uber stock before it went up. Dara Uber's CEO has really made the app user friendly and the platform is flexable to upgrade a car if I decided I wanted to go from driving X to select, or invest in getting  a Black, SUV or Lux. To go through the commercial registration process you must be careful that part is a very thorough application process. Public IPO for investors means money for the long hall. Uber is Just getting started so is Lyft. Dara doesn't worry about Lyft he actually encourages them.

  9. Everyone in this comment section can’t think ten years down the line. Yes, they’ve been awful to drivers. Yes, they still burn money. BUT- in ten years when I am paying a monthly subscription for an Uber robot taxi to pick me up and drop me off wherever and car ownerships a thing of the past- I’ll be happy I bought.

  10. The only reason uber isn't doing good is easy the paying staff poorly know one wants to be a uber driver without driver's you lose customers you lose driver's you lose period….there definitely bleeding. Uber needs to do what was working at the beginning pay drivers more and have a better customer experience

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  12. this stock is gonna go up do 150 – 200% from its ipo hang out there for a little while and die a slow death down to the 6-7 dollar area where Its going to be bought up and brought back to the 60s where it will stay when they get their product right and are netting!

  13. The only way I see it working for them is to eliminate their labor force through automated cars. Labor is their biggest expense. It does suck for the job market, though.

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