Trading Bitcoin Crypto Stock Market Update & Uber IPO

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13 thoughts on “Trading Bitcoin Crypto Stock Market Update & Uber IPO”

  1. FOMO rally!?!? not yet simply shorts being hammered with more to come until longs get much higher. Why make it more complicated. Did not hear you say you wanted to buy much lower which is great as it is NOT a reason to add as part of your TA, simply too emotional.

  2. everyone tryna short hoping to get life changing wealth while smart wealthy ppl attain more wealth just opening up constant longs against all the pile up of shorts

  3. Great content. I've always had a special orientation as a business person who helped me a lot in my business. I've always had a win option, if things don't go as I imagined and I'm applying the same principle to bitcoins too. We all know that cryptocurrency is on the verge of a bull race, but we also know how the currency operates with a lot of speculation and unpredictability. I looked for a way to profit a lot if the value rises, falls or stagnate as it is now, and my research has led me to Harald Webster, a trader known for his trading strategies and signal provisions, which are so accurate that his users have proven so much. In the bear markets and also in the current markets. He is also a great teacher and, with that guidance, I made a lot of money in such a short time. If you are needing some help or skeptical with all this cryptography business, surely Harald would be more than willing to give you a hand. You can contact him by mail (Haraldwebster77 @ gmail com). That was the step I gave, which worked for me, and I would love to make it available to everyone who is really interested in getting good profits now and in the future with cryptocurrencies.

  4. You can play for a long time, but in the end you will not be able to pay attention to PRIZM cryptocurrency. New paramining technology allows you to earn every second !!! Pay attention to PRIZM cryptocurrency

  5. Couldn't agree more on your take on the economy, cryptos and metals. That's why I'm back and learning about cryptos this time. Last go around I bounced at around $600 after doubling my money, late 16'. Cheers and thanks for your valuable info and time!

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