Trading Bitcoin – 20% Drop in 1 Day, Something or Nothing?

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25 thoughts on “Trading Bitcoin – 20% Drop in 1 Day, Something or Nothing?”

  1. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt does not have to be based on lies. The New York trouble certainly creates fear and uncertainty and even doubt and qualifies as FUD by definition. Sometimes you are making weird if not ignorant statements.

  2. Hello Tone, I confess that I let myself be taken by your chart and Tyler's safety, and I did not make my own decision. And as you always say trading is not easy, unfortunately it teaches you with a lot of pain. I continue following you and Tyler because I slowly understand the message that comes from behind, thank you !!

  3. It actually fell for a total of 32% on Bitmex for a brief moment because of all the stops that were triggered. Not too far from your original expectations. I should have placed a limit order because mid 6k prices was what I was aiming for anyways. I don't mind getting it for 7.1k as long as it proves to be able to hold and get back up from there.

  4. You are a Youtube-influencer, Tone. Everything you say on a publicly available channel – you are responsible of. And the way you, Tyler Jenks w/Leah presented your theories about a bottom of BTC was (in the eyes of many) very irresponsible. Why? Because you presented it as facts rather than theories with little to no disclaimers. Tyler Jenks even put out a 99% probability for BTC to go to $1000 (I don't say it still can't reach this number, but it seems very unlikely now). This, however, do not excuse those people who followed your advice about the BTC-bottom. Most people are lazy followers who don't think for themselves.

  5. "Tone Vays picking fights with more Youtubers … always works out poorly" hahaha ROFL… stay combative Tone. I don't always agree with you but you are a hard worker and your channel a positive for the space. We all need to keep on our toes especially around now.

  6. if you can't cut it making videos in a bear market, stay the hell out of the space?! See you later tone, thanks for the sub-2000 recommendations for BTC thanks a lot.

  7. I thought you were a Bitcoin whale, telling everybody to wait until BTC was under 2,000? I would think you'd be loaded my friend… I would probably be substantially better off if I had bought the dip instead of waiting for lower Lowe's! But I do take responsibility for my own decisions but also for who I listen to…!

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