This Is How You ACTUALLY Make Money In Bitcoin – NOT WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD!

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A Bitcoin bull market is now underway. We’ve been discussing this Bitcoin bullishness for days now, but in today’s video we’ll discuss a common Bitcoin misconception. Following this Bitcoin misconception, unless you’re a very skilled trader is a quick way to…


45 thoughts on “This Is How You ACTUALLY Make Money In Bitcoin – NOT WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD!”

  1. I am a living example of that statement about hodling and dollarcost averaging and not trading. I bought LTC at 41 and BTC at 3600 in February and then "traded" for lousy 6% gains whereas i could have made 100+% gains without moving a finger, or even more (on LTC). As a result of my poor trading skills (hesitated more that anything) I missed all the 3 "organic" rallies that followed. and here we are with BTC at around 8 K and LTC at around 90 USD.
    Honestly with everything I learned about TA, whatjust happened on May 10 (the parabolic move) was not supposed to happen. Our longest ever and strongest level of resistance was around 6 K and after the resistance was supposed to hold us below 6 K by the end of the year. The next resistance levels after that were less significant: 8, then 10 then 12K etc levels. But no we just disregarded the structure and went straight to 8K. I d better hodl than pretend to be a trader for now.

  2. haven't even watched the video but the best way to make crypto, and the only way anyone is getting those lambos is by forex…fuck investing in this you will lose everything. BTC/USD BTC/GBP on an exchange is how you will make money from crypto, i know someone who earns over 10k a day from it

  3. Lol, I know dollar cost averaging and was set on doing it…. only, I didn't… I just bought a bit on dips.  Still, it's not too  late to start..

  4. stupid, no arguments, only 10 survive? hahahaa lol, a lot of coins will survive because of usage, but i see u only care about btc and want everybody to sell for btc so u pump. un subbed

  5. Buying and holding only makes sense if you believe in the fundamental value of the asset. Bitcoin is only good for money laundering and ransomware.

  6. I bought btc at 1200 few years ago 😬 3 years of hodl , sold em at 19k, went back bought btc last march waiting till it moon again before selling✌️

  7. Buying and holding means witnessing 20% go away really quickly during pull-backs. Its easier to buy, sell at some target like +10% and buy again in a pullback. Even if you miss the tail of a short-term run, you will be doing way better in the long term. It's not about extracting every gain from the market, but using a system that allows you to make consistent gains over time. I would rather add 8-12% per week then to watch the acount just go up and down with market swings. Cost averaging over the long terms is just hiding the decreases in value so you don't feel it when it happens.

  8. Thank for the great video Jebb! Solid advice!
    How about some TIPS for a person like me who listened to the wrong influencers in 2017/18 and is now sitting with a ton of alt-coins all down 80%. I now know better but whats the best STRATEGY to get out of this hole?? Thanks again

  9. Buy and hold yes, but you also HAVE to take profits on the way up. I like to peel off a small amount at exactly the same interval on they way up. Then when it dips, you can add some of those profits back in with your regular DCA inputs. The people that bought and held through the last top left a lot of money on the table. Just my opinion.

  10. I will be locking in the gains from this parabolic run up we just had and all the Hodlers are just going to give most of their gains right back to the market when we correct. If you simply run a trailing stop right after the big pumps kick in you can lock in most of your gains.

  11. Moon boy sentiment are hard and became harder. If main investor go into this .. you believe this will be handle by noname people on github with a max level of 21mil.. hehe People will be bluff.

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