4 thoughts on “The man who helped shape the ETF business says this about the sell-off”

  1. ETF's are a Giant Bubble, The next 3 years will be so entertaining watching chickens running with their heads chopped off confused and complaining. For me and those that know whats coming, this is hilarious. Keep up the comedy you "experts" lol. God I love my BTC.

  2. The Sugar High from the Tax cuts is fading? There are limits to what stock buybacks can do! It's becoming obvious now that the tax cuts which forgot the US consumers (in a consumer driven economy) will drive US economy into recession; unless the mbillionaire spending accelerates to 100X! Of course having newbie & drunk pilots at the helm is not helping too. The Smart Money has been distributing to the foreign stupid money and retails for some time now. That is about to end. BTC to the MOON!

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