The Fed is not reacting to data, markets are following: economist

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Rob Martin, US economist for UBS, and Nicholas Colas of Data Trek Research discuss how the Fed is reacting to the markets and the president.

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16 thoughts on “The Fed is not reacting to data, markets are following: economist”

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  2. As it turns out having an idiot in charge of the country is a bad idea. Dingbat diplomacy isn't going to solve anything. Until he's removed from office you're going to see nothing but problems. What will it take before enough people realize this and put a stop to it? If the market does crash and goes into a depression I hope they give him credit and call it the trump crash of 2019 / 2020.

  3. You people over at CNBC suck. If Jay Powell had called the banksters to check in on them, then no problem. You guys just love Jay Powell and the FED because you hate a duly-elected president so much. But because the Treasury Secretary performed due diligence well, the sh*t just HAS TO HIT THE FAN. You guys (and gals) over at CNBC are pathetic.

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