The Bitcoin Group #200 – Binance Hacked – $6000+ – Congress vs. Bitcoin – Is Transparency Good?

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9 thoughts on “The Bitcoin Group #200 – Binance Hacked – $6000+ – Congress vs. Bitcoin – Is Transparency Good?”

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  2. "If Satoshi is sitting down the hall at CIA" needs to be fully gamed out.
    Maybe China – or any country that strives for global hegemony – should indeed ban BTC (i.e. too much downside risk if CIA owns Satoshi's stash), but every other country, and individual, should still adopt it (too much upside potential, regardless).

  3. The hackers fished account holders by obtaining 2FA and APi keys. Which means that these accounts holders were using bots, with low security engineering. And 2, if you are using text 2FA, it is extremely easy to hack your 2FA key. Most people do not realize how easy it is to hack in to your phone with very little info about the phone owner. Lets be fair, these people got fished, they obtained access by hacking exterior hardware and software connected to binance. I ll leave this here for you to ponder. Responsibility lies on both sides. It is not binance’s responsibility to make sure you take the necessary precautions to avoid your account getting hacked.

  4. 0:40 Binance Hacked – BTCSocialist

    5:50 Binance Hacked – Cryptoraptor

    7:27 Binance Hacked – Max Hillebrand

    15:31 Exit question – Which hurts Binance's reputation more? Hack or PR?

    18:30 $6,000+ – Cryptoraptor

    20:25 $6,000+ – Max

    21:36 $6,000+ – BTCSocialist

    24:18 Exit question – End of altcoins or follow Bitcoin's rally?

    26:42 Congress vs. Bitcoin – Max

    30:38 Congress vs. Bitcoin – BTCSocialist

    34:27 Congress vs. Bitcoin – Cryptoraptor

    38:10 Exit question – Attempting to ban US citizens from cryptocurrencies will be successful?

    44:32 Is Transparency Good? – BTCSocialist

    46:25 Is Transparency Good? – Max

    53:13 Is Transparency Good? – Cryptoraptor

    1:01:38 Exit question – Is this the end of democracy?

    1:05:17 Amir Taaki – Max

    1:07:31 Amir Taaki – BTCSocialist

    1:09:38 Amir Taaki – Cryptoraptor

    1:11:17 Exit question – Will Bitcoin fortify itself before the next attack?

    1:11:53 Prediction or story of the week – BTCSocialist

    1:12:46 Prediction or story of the week – Cryptoraptor

    1:15:47 Prediction or story of the week – Max

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