Stocks are getting crushed as the trade war heats up, here's how bad traders think it could get

The Dow sinks 600 points as trade turmoil roils Wall Street. How bad could it get? With CNBC’s Eamon Javers and Melissa Lee, and the Fast Money traders, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman, Dan Nathan and Guy Adami.


32 thoughts on “Stocks are getting crushed as the trade war heats up, here's how bad traders think it could get”

  1. The Chinese are buying US stock at the moment so are Trumps buddies , when Trump meets with the Chinese next month a great new deal will be hailed as the greatest deal of the century and stock prices will rise and the Chinese will sell and Trump's buddies will sell and everyone makes a fortune while the Republican ignorant base all hail Trump as the new saviour and genius and call for Hillary to be locked up😆😅😂

  2. a miracle even Jesus himself couldn't pull off…
    Cadet Bonespurs has turned Conservative, Christian, Republican, Midwestern Farmers…
    into "welfare queens" sucking on the ol' government tit…
    turning water to wine ain't shit compared to this miracle…

  3. Trump 2020…you know and i know that he will win…cant wait to see how he destroy america from the inside and make the world a safer place by doing so. Less war and killing by americans if they dun have the money…the world have been fuelling the american war machine for too long.

  4. More American farmers on welfare, now up to $27 billion of American taxpayers money.
    It was only a few years ago that American banks were bailed out by the taxpayer along with a large part of the US auto industry. The country is spiraling down driven by its own greed and incompetence. Soon it will collapse for good, the dream is over.

  5. so US wants China to change its laws and whole economy in order to trade with US, lol are you serious? and US complains that China steals their job, well you gave it to them, you became just lazy customers/buyers, China is not just "cheap manufacturer" as you think, they are innovating and became leaders in many areas, and China is preparing and adopting to the new way/system but US not, US just continue spending a lot for military/weapons creating more and more debt, and one day US will face a big crush, collapse without being prepared for. i even expect that US will follow the faith of ex-USSR

  6. "Let's look at dividends" , so how many average AMERICANS look at dividends? None. With the cost of finished goods rising at 25%, who is paying for this "war"? Hi, neighbor. It's you and I.

  7. The majority of the average Americans do not understand stocks, but if you have and rely on a 401k as a safety net, now is a good time to study your portfolio and learn in real time how each stock is affected.

  8. china will lay off a person making 7 dollars a day give them a BOWL OF RICE every other day and the people will go along with it in china and thank them for it and fight and die for even less if asked too,,also many other countries are lining up to sell to china the small amount of goods America sold to china, America will destroy its farmers, steel works, whole sellers and stock market, and banks and America will not give the American people nothing that are put out of work , maybe a world war, bullets and bombs, drugs and under age sex, and mass murders and more killer cops, and shit lying news and movies to watch before the end comes,yes you tube is one of those shit lying channels people will watch to the end of America,

  9. Also you have the 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 Uighurs that China has recently put in internment camps with barbed wire and guard towers.

  10. Watching our media is proof that they truly are undermining the working class. They represent the 1%. Anything to undermine Trump. There hate blinds them to all 63,000,000 million voter's desire to live. Enemy's of the people

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