5 thoughts on “Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: Keep your stock picks boring during trade turmoil”

  1. Watch for Johnson & Johnson buy opportunity to 140 ~144 zone at Resistance then watch for the brakeout and if it doesn’t brake watch for the pull back to retest 136.81 to the daily to weekly support at 130 to 125 zone of support just a quick naked Analysis with no indicators

  2. There are 2 Bitcoins…Real vs Experimental.
    Bitcoin is first experimental coin while the son of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Diamond, is the real bitcoin according to Bitcoin's white paper.
    BTC is experimental but BCD is whitepaper Bitcoin. Bitcoin is 10 years old and you cannot exchange your bitcoin for goods on its website. But on Bitcoin Diamond's website…BCD Bazaar, e commerce store, you can exchange your Bitcoin Diamond for 5000 consumer goods. Wow ! This is the real currency according to Bitcoin whitepaper, the only digital currency that guarantees its value with consumer goods.
    Real Bitcoin…Bitcoin Diamond will rise from 90c to $80 and experimental Bitcoin will fall from $7000 to $800.

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