19 thoughts on “Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary: Bitcoin is a 'useless currency'”

  1. Ya they say that as they're secretly stocking up and in a couple years will tell us how they bought " some" bitcoin and made millions. It's not useless by any means. Say you buy that house for 10,000,000 in bitcoin. That person doesn't have to keep the bitcoin they received. They can sell it back for usd. Now depending on how they do that they could add a 10-15% fee for accepting the btc to cover any fee they might occur when selling the btc say through atms or coinbase which anyone who buys, sells, trades, and holds btc won't mind paying because if they're using btc and that much of it it's most likely that they made a lot of money from it and that's why they're using it. I think cryptocurrency and blockchain is one of the best ideas and projects ever created. You can use it as a data ledger, you can build an app on it, you can send money to anyone anywhere in the world for less then $0.10c atm and it's there in their wallet address within minutes. You can use it at stores and don't ever have to carry a bunch of cash. You act as your own bank giving power back to the people. And say you have a nano ledger and you get robbed you can back up all your crypto assets onto another ledger and they can't get in. Blockchain is is the future and crypto will continue to move forward. They've been saying since btc came out and went on its first run that it's going to 0. It's been 8+ years now. They said it was going to zero after it dropped from 20k. Well it hit 3,150 and bounced back

  2. lol that guy is so angry he didn't have some bitcoin. except there will be a time when seller doesn't want to change it to $ because $ is useless then…short bankers, long bitcoin

  3. You set a price in btc not in USD or you lock rates once you get an agreement. You just did business with a moron. Oh and btw once USD lose huge purchasing power u'll realise any currency got volatility it's just hidden

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