Senator Marco Rubio: Trump doing right thing on trade

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Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) joins “Squawk Alley” in an exclusive interview to discuss the ongoing trade tensions between the U.S. and China and his op-ed calling on companies and lawmakers to increase domestic capital investment.


50 thoughts on “Senator Marco Rubio: Trump doing right thing on trade”

  1. Rubio already blew the budget on worthless tax cuts, now he wants us to run up the deficit even higher to pay for more tax cuts and farmer bailout porkulus.

  2. China VS US, China might and most likely will lose … but do remember, globalization economy China is irreplaceable, at least not in the short of 10 to 15 years. China do have option, by closing its door and forcing global economy crisis. Without China , many nation will fail, then it will come back to hunt US

  3. Wow, how balanced three republicans telling a 1% how the Democrats are at fault! News flash Trump is Guilty how guilty does he have to be for the 1%'s news readers to admit it? wait a minute you forgot to remind me that you have anointed Joe Biden because what we need is more trickle-down war hawk incrementalism! Impeach Trump before we go to war with Iran! come on please let the profits go this time! mankind has more pressing issues you stupid fucks!

  4. Idiot Marco Rubio knows nothing about the deal. he is one of those who lies, cheats, steals and thinks that is the glory of the US history. Let's vote him out in the next election.

  5. All these people who criticize the USA for imposing tariffs on Chinese products seem to love a world where everything is made in China, but there are people who don´t agree with that, and those of us who would love to see a world where products come from many nations, where nations, big and small, compete not based on manipulated currency and massive exploitation of cheap labor, but rather on free, fair trade based on standards where worker´s rights are protected, and over exploitation is not allowed.

  6. Screw the ChiComs. Tariff all products from Asia with the exception of our allies: Japan, South Korea, Aust. and New Zealand. American Corporation can relocated back into USA and avoid all tariffs.

  7. Wow! It’s crazy to hear a republican sound so sensible. Where are the liberals to support this plan for reinventing in America. These talking heads are just silly and short sighted. The perfect example of what’s wrong with corporate America today.

  8. The problem is, this is coming from a Republicans. Republicans NEVER call Trump out whether he's right or wrong. They have one big group think: Support Trump, no matter what. So it's hard to put any faith in their judgement of his decisions.

  9. China is already moving the industrial base offshore via the new silk road the consumer is gonna pay for tariffs you awake to a new world order its not a dream its reality

  10. Wow, little Marko talking sense for once. What happened? Did he get off team evil's payroll? News shills doing their thing still…. still on team evil's payroll. If it was a corrupt president doing anything, they'd herald it as great… because its a non corrupt president, the shills attack and criticize every move.

  11. i buy American and i want the iphone that said MADE IN AMERICA not just designed in america! ill pay more for it but i want Americans putting it together!

  12. I stand with Trump for standing up to China. Finally we have a President who actually wants to fix the problem for good, not settle for some half-baked trade deal that will ultimately get us nowhere

  13. Stop squabbling becos US and Chinese economic will decouple soon and each will have to go its own way. China will have the advantage simply based on its demographic size and that's nothing US can do about it.

  14. Marco,
    worried about the people of Florida. In Florida ,We need better paying jobs,better hospitals and better public transportation You always talking about somebody's else problems except Florida.

    Your problem is to be in this committee ; you forget completely about the problems the state of Florida is facing.

    About two months ago you went to Colombia to talk on behalf of the people of Venezuela. In my opinion you need to concentrate more on Floridians.

  15. They're using it to pay for the wall. That could mean better wages for Americans if businesses are forced to pay people a livable wage. I don't know why the wealthy don't have to spit the loaf though. Somebody should tell them they live in a Christian nation.

  16. china had already published the forced terms in the media…it exposed shitishness of the uncle sam…..telling a nation not to have plan of 2025 is about the same to tell me not to send kid to uni from a neighbour opposite the road…since I broken the tradition of the street where no one send kid to uni……what kind of fxxking logic??? really I cannot get it..

  17. It is an old trick of attacking a foreign country to get voters. It is a right thing to do in politics, but it is based on lies. Why did US import from China? It is only because goods in China have lower prices.

  18. Rubio is pretty solid. He ain't so "little" like Trump used to call him. I don't think Trump nor I think Rubio is little. I think both Trump and I think Rubio is pretty tough. He's one of those senators who stands out

  19. American people, you should wake up immediately !!!
    China is exporting fentanyl to America to poison your son and daughter!!!
    Obama is a soft and weak in the face of China, let the debt reached a staggering $19.9 trillion increased by 116%, allowing China to steal American technology, penetration American academia, use money to control America's politicians, lead to the rise of China, almost replaced the us as hegemonic.
    Trump is a strong leader, a great President, Obama is a good man, but not a good President.

  20. You peeps still beleive these liertitions. Their so full of sht. Were fkd. Get your sht together People and get ready for shtf peeps

  21. Mark Rubio is an idiot. Most US citizens barely have any saving and are living pay check to pay check. Now these politicians wants to screw these people even more. Tax cuts and deregulation were great. Now all those positive policies are being undone. Most everyday items may cost 25% more. Have you tried buying a washer and dryer lately after Trump imposes tariff on washing machines? The current prices are outrageous. I never like Mark Rubio. Now I know why. Better stock up before prices goes up in the next few weeks folks. God bless you during these dark times. Trade war may last for years. Everyone are patriotic until they realize they can’t provide for their families.

  22. Just wait for maybe 8 to 10 weeks and the first wave of price hikes, it's incremental and everyone will feel it, except the rich. Marco Rubio is a very rich man. The people are suckered into believing that Trump is doing all these for them for their sake.
    15may2019. La Trumpolineum.

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