SBI Ripple Asia Representation for G20 Prep, BTC XRP Sushi Premium, Mr. Kitao quits BCHSV too

“Data Technology Has Created Cashless Society”
With the use of payment options that leverage digital technologies, such as smartphones and QR codes and blockchain technology, a cashless society has arisen in Japan as well. We will discuss what types of new businesses and economies are expected to come into being as a result of the use of data and customer information that can be obtained via…


42 thoughts on “SBI Ripple Asia Representation for G20 Prep, BTC XRP Sushi Premium, Mr. Kitao quits BCHSV too”

  1. Eri, as you are "boot on the ground" in Japan. I ask do you have experience or insight on MoneyTap / CoolX Wallet ? Are you an SBI VC customer? If so, how do these SBI products compare to those of favorites in the West – Thank you

  2. Tell Momo that I'm thinking about her and miss her intrusions. My 15 send swishy tails to your four and paw marks for posterity (every where they go).

    I remember, especially, those that tag me with pointed sharp thingies. Always leaving a daily dose of happiness gifted because I share their world.

  3. Mr Chibi – Aaaah. What an absolute beauty. I really like your sticker, Eri. You have an eye! I have downloaded the app, as I said and will give it a shot. Thank you for the super video again.


    Why yes? Food!?!

  4. Volume: Many XRP investors are strong holders, and percentage- wise fewer are day traders or flippers so there tends to be smaller volume now. Until institutions are actually USING XRP, we will not see huge daily volume. That's my take on it. Not to worry about present volume.

  5. Hi Eri, remember that photo on twitter with Mr. Yoshitaka and Craig ‘ faketoshi’ Wright having dinner…Craig tweeted it himself…always wonderd about their discussion, now i know…😉🦉👍

  6. Greetings from the Netherlands, hope you are having a wonderful day. My suggestion for the Brad Kimes talk. I would suggest to talk about the topic you are the most informed XRP community member of, SBI.

  7. Hey hey everybody com on in 😎
    Look forward to the Brad session. A good topic could be in a world of instant settlement what role will clearing houses play? Will Central Banks bring this closer to them? Can they even do it…..!

  8. I find the Japanese to have a great sense of humor n fun. I always laugh when I see them do these things. Love the way you were wiggling the guys bum cheeks with your mouse cursor. LOL. Oh right, you were just pointing out his G string, I mean that clothing he is wearing.
    I wish he had an XRP tatoo there.

  9. Great job, Eri !! Thanks so much !!
    I was pleased to hear that Mr. Kitao and I think alike when it come to the "in-fighting" among the proof of work communities. Another positive point is that XRP will be even further advanced into the spotlight of core assets which should have an impact on both volume and price going forward.
    As always, Thanks for all You do.

  10. Thanks Eri. With Brad can you give an update on crypto being used for the upcoming Olympics. Japan is wat ahead of the US in many ways for main stream adopting crypto, maybe give a perspective on this. Thanks.

  11. Hello Eri
    I would love to hear about the different ways we can use XRP right now. Can you live ONLY using XRP and which companies are making progress in this area? And since we are all HODL`ers 😉 can we autoreplenish our used XRP? I hope you can talk about this with Mr. Brad Kimes.

  12. Thank you Eri- am wondering why there hasn't been much marketing for COIL. I tweeted out to Stefan Tomas asking if there was anything in the works. In the Philippines for example, many singers launch their careers on youtube and have over a million subs.I think COIL is such a promising project but no one outside of the cryptosphere really knows about it?? On a side note, wasn't Scooter Lebraun mean't to be entering the space or was that with Cinnamon? if time permits, could we discuss in the Brad Kimes chat.

  13. Always love your videos Eri. Thank you. Question for you and Brad; Could the recent hack of Binance be an inside job? I happened to look at the prices of coins and compared them to the exchanges’ profits. The day after the hack was announced Binance increased 29%, the next day it was up 65%, and the third day over 29z. If an exchange was just hacked, I would think the profits would not be rapidly increasing. I’m smelling a rat.

  14. im trying to gain as much overtime work as possible to add to the XRP wallet. at 0.30 its cheap enough i sold a 2nd car to buy another 7000xrp. ill will be happy if XRP hits $10. i cant see it ever really going to $$$ or $$$$ but who knows. i just need 150k to payout the mortgage and set for life, i can work any average job and life totally happy. Thanks for the video ERI

  15. A question for yourself and Mr. Kimes:
    What do you guys think has to happen for the Trump administration to announce the "NEW" monetary system to incorporate blockchain and digital asset rollout to supplement fiat?
    Market crash? Deep State take down? Unseal indictments? 2020 elections?

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