Ripple XRP: Will XRP Reach A New High Of $4? Bearableguy123 Prediction And More

Will XRP reach a new all time high price in the next bullrun? Comment below!

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17 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Will XRP Reach A New High Of $4? Bearableguy123 Prediction And More”

  1. Search on the web for crypthor he is pro xrp and a banking guy and seems he knows a lot more than we all do. He thinks xrp might be 15USD end of 2019 and not stopping there.

  2. You were doing all right until you mentioned Bearableguy 123 . If this move up is news driven then the price is likely to come down within a week. This will likely be shorted at 50 – 53 cent resistance but daily close above 55 cent will be bullish . $4 move is not likely to happen unless significant cross border payment volume is achieved by Xrapid . Only time will tell .

  3. interesting video brad. bulls are back in town, bulls are now in full swing with no signs of slowing down, Its alt season, be ready for prabolic days, this is happening. hodlers will win big with this stuff. Many people can't phatom how huge this will all be prabolically in the near future, its getting very exciting.

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