Ripple XRP, VISA, MasterCard, Payments Battle heats up. Crypto Global Adoption on the way

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Economist Calls Crypto a $278 Trillion Opportunity


Carl Carl Team XRP…


16 thoughts on “Ripple XRP, VISA, MasterCard, Payments Battle heats up. Crypto Global Adoption on the way”

  1. XRP has come with the aim to revolutionize  transfers and put banks out of business and theoretically, the purpose could be achieved in a few years to come but what if not? What if SWIFT lunches a counter product of its own? What if Government regulations tomorrow makes things difficult for XRP? What if the company Ripples is taken out? What if its just a hype after all? I know the believers of xrp are very much convinced about the future of the coin and are even further convinced by influencers on youtube but i can assure you hodling your savings in xrp could be very risky in the future. I am also a lover of the decentralization idea and i totally love XRP and have made an enormous amount of xrp some of which i plunge continually into my real estate business and hodl some. The amazing thing is i didn't get there by buying but grew by trading 50,000 XRP and 4 BTC with Peter harrison’s trade patterns and signals in a very minimal time. I advice you to hodl all you want but do not accumulate with your hard earned savings but by starting decent and trading to increase your portfolio like i did. I'd also recommend Robert Brady (peterharrison506@gmailcom) if you need some guidance and assistance on picking up with this strategy

  2. CKJ What do you think about Mark @ BOE talking about lining up his all the ducks when he was talking about system interoperability ? Was he talking to BearableGuy123 earlier this month ?

  3. They better come in soon…companies are going under like Liqui (get your coins and stuff off in they are there). Bitmain is in trouble…a new industry like Crypto cannot take two long bear markets like this in a 10 year period without MASSIVE losses. The good thing is many shit coins will be gone. But decent coins and companies and Youtubers are in trouble too. Hope you are correct….you do a good job.

  4. Awesome video, awesome research, awesome connecting the dots. I was just finishing this video and then jumped on your night live stream. That was awesome too. So I came back to this video to say CKJ is awesome.

  5. I absolutely love your drive and your passion. You put alot of time to research the best digital asset in the world. You bring the news to help your viewers make their determination themselves that this could possibly be the only time in our lives to make an investment that can and will change every single one of our lives. You are exactly right when you state that alot of people are getting impatient and losing focus because the price keep decreasing. You are correct when you state they are trying to get rid of the weak investors as they sell off. Everyone needs to Stay The course And Hang On For Dear Life! When these prices drop, keep buying and bring your average cost per XRP down. You will never see these prices again once mass adoption happens. Everyone is correct, It does suck when we hear all this good news and XRP goes down. The foundation is being laid for us and gol darnit, when it goes up, LOOK OUT. I love you all and I love XRP"s project. CKJ, Thank you for staying real and thank you for all your hard work you do for this community. Love ya my Ripple Brother! #XRPBABY


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