Ripple XRP: The Market Was On Fire Yesterday And Now For A Selloff. What Should We Expect Next?

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42 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: The Market Was On Fire Yesterday And Now For A Selloff. What Should We Expect Next?”

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  2. RIPPLE SHOULD BURN/DESTROY 90% of their 55 billion coins! It will be fair to the investors in XRP! Ripple and XRP is the biggest scam in the world! They own such a massive supply close to 55 billion that they did not buy or invest…. they just pre-mined and are allowed to sell it ''slowly'' indefinitely! That's called a never-ending ICO!!! they sold 535 million last year, and have just released another billion to sell this month. IF YOU REALLY WANT THE XRP PRICE TO GROW THEN AS A XRP COMMUNITY YOU NEED TO DEMAND that 90% of there 55 billion xrp coins get burned and destroyed never to be sold! if you care about the XRP community then you would see the logic in this and rally up the investors to demand it get done

  3. "Why should we expect ?" Just sell it and work hard to get rich or u can make YouTube channel and give your viewer motivated,the more they get motivated to hodl the more u get money from ads

  4. Ripple zal nooit tot grote hoogte komen, daar zorgen de mensen achter XRP wel voor.

    Om de munt zo laag te houden zal er alleen maar geld binnen stromen. Bij hogere prijs vloeid het geld eruit…

  5. I do not understand that people continue to believe in XRP. It is clear that this is a bullshit coin.

    I got out a year ago and earned more with different alt than with XRP.

    So get out and make money elsewhere in crypto.

  6. There is a new cartoon on cartoon network about a crazy bear who predicts insane XRP prices and it stays at 32 cents while the community zealously follows him while making shrines and statues for him. Btw China is banning this cartoon…suprise suprise!

  7. Yesterday was awesome, my XRP went from .30 cents all the way to .32 cents! Wow, I was almost ready to retire. So exciting to have XRP bags. XRP the standard or as I like to call it, the stained turd.

  8. XRP will go right back to $.31 USD as it always does……. News does not move the coin, bitcoin clearly does not move XRP…. XRP Is a stable shit coin!! I sold all my XRP for POT coin!

  9. XRP was suppose to moon

    But we found very soon

    It bounces and follies to keep you Jolly

    Some thinks it time to jump ship

    Instead if buying on the dip

    If it matters to the masses

    XRP Army's holding, so kiss our Asses

  10. If a bank continues to charge high prices for transfers, even with using XRapid, on the margin their customers will look for lower cost transfers elsewhere. Competition constantly adjusts the market price

  11. I liked binance but this is BS! Bull run and you can’t pull your money out ! Very suspicious and when you have a large amount of money you can’t control its BS and my blood is boiling just like it does when I deal with banks!!!!! So this space is getting to be just like fucking banks ! Yeah yeah I know ledger nano and yup got a ton on lock down but you should be able to trust an exchange and play/pull your money if this is truly a “be your own bank” system. I’m starting to really think ripple/XRP is the ONLY player that’s not a SCAM. I truly believe they are laser focused and building their business while every other coin/business in this space is just here to take your money. Just look at all the coins SELLING their SHIT to the public while Ripple does not! That’s because they don’t need us they will succeed watch ! While all else fails !!!!!

  12. It's just more of the same we've been seeing. Until the regulations and guidelines have been passed/defined, and institutional investor monies come to the market, we are NOT (emphasis only) going to see anything significant.

    SEC+Token Taxonomy+ Stock exchanges= digital assets markets movement

    First initial moves will be BTC and Ethereum. Rise of BTC will pull up other coin values. XRP will be slow out of the blocks, but will gradually build up momentum.

  13. I would assume the crypto whales that tried to pump BTC's price up to try and cause FOMO, will now sell back out. It's not like the crypto market is priced on any real fundamentals like the stock market, just manipulated by whales. No real value, just 100% hot air.

  14. Dominance BTC is around 60%, last two times this resulted in a spiking XRP…beware guys. Set an alert on your mobile before you're too late when XRP starts moving

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