Ripple XRP: Price Potential Seeing Is Believing

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21 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Price Potential Seeing Is Believing”

  1. XRP has great potential, but I would advise new investors to invest 2000- 5000 XRP and use an auto exchange tool with a company like Revolut..

    Then forget about it for the time being and check in every 6 months.

    Checking on it everyday is stressful.

  2. Great explanation very easy to follow great examples. However it's not going to be a turtle always is it? I got to believe that when they start taking off they go up quickly. Are you in agreement with this?

  3. My passion is my God & my guitar. I teach to an advanced level. In fact Brad Kimes (Investement Perspectives, he's a drummer) & I are looking forward to a jam when XRP moons. Lol. All in the XRP community are welcome.

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