Ripple XRP | Preparing For An UNSTOPPABLE Bull Run | XRPLX On Google

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24 thoughts on “Ripple XRP | Preparing For An UNSTOPPABLE Bull Run | XRPLX On Google”

  1. XRP went available in New York and I believe it was Germany as well or a sweden exchange and when that happpened .. POOF it went from 31 cent to 40 just like that …. now what happens when NASDAQ exchange list the coin for investors … FIDELITY list the coin and ALLL OTHER EXCHANGES all over the world ! And with banks using them . Let that sink in .

  2. XRP is literally working with every fucking bank and central banks all over the WORLD what make u think that it wouldn’t hit 50-500 within the next 5 years .. it went from 20 cent to 3.50 .. and that was just the FIRST moon shot . That should say something .. unlike whack ass tron coin .. that went from like 5 cent to 25 cent

  3. I see you're ALWAYS basing an XRP Valuation based on the "future" price of BTC…… YET, if that were a viable scenario, then XRP SHOULD be at about $1.25 right NOW! So, what makes YOU think that your scenario works for the future, when it don't work now? XRP DOES NOT NEED BTC to set the stage for valuation, XRP WILL do it's own thing while BTC flounders to institutional money, XRP is for the retail market that cannot afford BTC.

  4. You guys need to understand that this BITCOIN UPTREND is very different than the uptrend in 2017. Now we have the financial institutions and the general public investing in bitcoin and crypto. At this time if you trade bitcoin, do not expect bitcoin to follow your indicators, let's say from now on, bitcoin will do whatever it wants.

  5. I’m an XRP HODLr but it’s obvious that the only people making money from XRP are those kindly offering us hope while they make money off YouTube add revenue and promoting Ledger Nano hard wallets etc and accepting tips. Keep up the good work. You’re a great XRP evangelist and I will continue to HODL XRP –

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