Ripple/XRP – Interledger and Hyperledger Interoperability

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Ripple/XRP – Interledger and Hyperledger Interoperability

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17 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP – Interledger and Hyperledger Interoperability”

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  2. Great videos guys, I appreciate the hard work you guys put into your research. I wish I could say the same thing about the majority of the so called xrp community that put up uninformed, biased, spoon fed, garbage. Love for Crypto, To the life boats, Crypto News and Investigative reports are by far the best in this community by far.

  3. I’m holding xrp but if you think I’m taking a chip (mark of the beast) you got another thing coming. I’ll cash out on xrp but if they require me to get a chip in order to do so… I’ll just give it all up and go homeless instead.

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