Ripple XRP: Cryptocurrency Market Health – How High Will Bitcoin Go Before A Correction Is Needed?

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32 thoughts on “Ripple XRP: Cryptocurrency Market Health – How High Will Bitcoin Go Before A Correction Is Needed?”

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  8. Sorry but your analysis makes no sense, BTC finally starts a run and you're saying it would be healthy to make a 40% correction? no…that would absolutely mean a bear market. It took a long time to build up to this, if we retrace and go up slow AS YOU REQUIRE then it would literally take a year+ to get close to ATHs and it would take forever to have a bull run. Doubling in price over a few months is not a crazy move, stocks do that and they do not retrace 40%. At that rate BTC would get nowhere and Alt coins would be close to zero. Crypto market is 1000x more developed and established than in the 2017 bull run, no retracing or corrections are needed until we are WAY above ATHs. God Damn longest bear market in history, we finally start moving and you're talking about 40% retracement…

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