Ripple/XRP Can make you a millionaire – bull run Patience

Ripple/XRP Can make you a millionaire – bull run Patience

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45 thoughts on “Ripple/XRP Can make you a millionaire – bull run Patience”

  1. I need some more XRP too, you can never have enough lol. But it's still smart to bet on different horses (so i also have bitcoin, TRX and Litecoin, and a little bit of PIVX). In 2 weeks we get the holiday money here (8% of your yearly earned salary), so some extra money to put into XRP πŸ˜‰

  2. HODL to glory XRP brothers and sisters, XRPs time to truly shine is almost upon us. The message will be loud and clear. And that message is that XRPs maximum supply is TOO LOW. HODL.

  3. I tried to tell my friends and family, some say ohh I'm intrested,and dont do anything, and some say it bwon't be used, even though I'm saying central banks are going to be using it, they still deny it lol

  4. I feel like us average crypto hodlrs with non-whale bags will become the new middle/upperish class millionaires. The billionaires and trillionaires made from this space will be the new upper class. Ex: You need a million dollars just to buy a half decent house out here in Toronto, Canada. πŸ––πŸ––

  5. Scott!
    Happpppy, happy morning.
    Looking for a link to buy a VIP ticket for your event.
    You could probably sell a 1000 tix if you were to make it easier to buy them tix..
    Love your content and hope to see you at your event!

  6. Its wierd how the normies are oblivious, clueless as to what is happening all around them.
    Then you have the morons that you hounded and they ignored you.
    Then there is your m8s that bought in. And you and them have been supporting eachother for 18 months. Now vindicated. Cryptos are here to stay.
    Thanks for hanging in there.

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