Ripple – The Adults In The Digital Asset Room. XRP – The One.

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43 thoughts on “Ripple – The Adults In The Digital Asset Room. XRP – The One.”

  1. The thing is that nobody in their right mind should EVER want the governments of the world to go away! Look at what happened when we finally took the government away from Iraq. Then you have a Commander in Chief such as Obama who doesn't listen to his head military advisers and pulls out troops out way too fast. The point is when there is no government, there is no protection of the citizens. And when that's the case, we go from terrorist groups such as Al Qaida to ISIS. The fall of the Iraqi govt together with no supervision (babysitting the country in which we killed their leader) groups such as ISIS are born. We NEED government! We just need good, for the citizens, and honest government (better government) What we have now is the governments of the world backed into a corner, demanding fair representation of what the citizens of the world want and need. A better terminology of what one is probably looking for is the fall of the elitists and their control. And no better way to achieve that but through IMMUTABLE and TRANSPARENT blockchain technology. That's the only way governments can now move forward and keep other governments in check, while we the people keep our own governments in check. All makes perfect sense. Someone should explain this to a BTC Maximalist!

  2. A "group of "Ivy-Leaguers?" Those Ivy-Leaguers are the liars, cheaters
    and thieves that have raped the American public since they started
    this country. Please tell us why we should trust them now? I'm sorry,
    but you're not making a case for XRP; rather, you're making me feel
    very insecure about the asset,

  3. I’m actually curious, not being a troll. Why has the price not done anything, yet other Crypto’s keep moving?

    People have been saying this for the last three years. “XRP to the moon” etc. Yet, other coins have already gone up and beyond, but XRP – Nothing. It moves up and down with bitcoin. My consensus is that it’ll keep going up and down with bitcoin, as 9/10 other coins do.

    I’ve also heard that XRP is still very centralized, and that the price will do nothing until it is completely decentralized.

    Also, XRP is seriously HYPED through the roof. People that don’t even invest into Crypto have investments in it. Generally when something is too good to be true, it usually is. Isn’t it usually the coin with the least hype (and hate) is the one that moons?

    I’m genuinely curious, and not being a hater or a troll. Someone please shed some light. I too have a bit of XRP just because it’s cheap and why not. But I don’t see anything happening with it? How can we be sure that anything will happen with it? Thanks!

  4. Your vision of the future is wrong! You have blinders on to whats happening around the world! The USA will not be able to be in control of the world forever and stay the worlds reserve currency! Our reign is coming to an end! XRP will not be the next global reserve currency! Sorry its just not gonna happen! What is going to happen is that every country is going to create its own national centralized cryptocurrency which will be backed by its own assets. The next world reserve currency will be formed from a basket of these national centralized cryptos and the average value of the currencies will determine the value. If you do the research you will find many countries in the process of creating their own national centralized cryptos right now! This list includes: China, Russia, Iran, Syria, Israel, Japan, india, Venezuala, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden and many more! The world is tired of the United States along with the international banking system using unfair control tactics such as sanctions on everyone and has decided to move away from it! We are going to see a global currency reset which will cause the dollar to crash in value and people will have to find safe havens for their money which wont be the stock market!

  5. DAI, Max and Stacy dislikes banks. I watch their show regularly. They hate the system and are in it for The Fight against centralization. Since XRP is being adopted by The System of banks, Max and Stacy do not like XRP/Ripple.

  6. With 80% of bitcoin already mined, I don't think China has much of an advantage-they are at a disadvantage in that they can't directly mop up all the XRP as it is released from escrow. Ripple along with US regulators can easily exclude Russia and China from amassing large holdings of XRP-the rest of the world can have easier access to the new "reserve currency".

  7. My XRP portfolio, which I have been building bit by bit over the last 18 months just passed the 10,000 mark today. In fact it's closer to 12,000. This might not seem like a lot to some folks that have more money to play with but for me it represents about 85% of my life savings. I'm praying that the hard working people at Ripple can achieve the goals and success that they deserve and that they spearhead the most spectacular financial revolution that has ever occurred in the history of mankind and that my, and your faith and confidence in them is rewarded handsomely. I can't help but believe that it will and that we will all be laughing all the way to the bank. 🤣🤣🤣 Great show my man. 👍👍

  8. Despite my low experience in trading and some bad past experiences in trading which was very ugly and bad on me, I am still pleased and love the tech and possibilities featured by blockchain. Trading can be disastrous, catastrophic and dangerous but also at the same time, it’s great, easy and profiting with a perfect and efficient strategy and also a better option to just hodling alone. My aim, which is to have accumulated and hold at least 20 BTC before the $20,000 price. And am on the highway to achieving that thanks to the system of trade patterns and signals of Mr. Eric Fuerst. Eric’s signals are always accurate and easy to use in your trades and an expert analyst. I have been accumulating and increasing my portfolio and also taking out a certain amount of profit using his system. And I believe this is the easiest and cheapest way to increase your holding without having to do dollar-cost averaging (buying more coins). Eric can be reached through (Ericfuerst456 @ Gmailcom) WhatsApp***+447480724121 for information on how to trade properly and profitably or for any crypto-related inquiries.

  9. I stopped watching the videos, only here for the comments. All talk and hot air nothing else. All he cares about is to get his 3 videos per day out to make money, nothing else. I guess as long people subscribe he keeps going.

  10. Dai please respond? I think someone may be scamming.
    Someone posted a Ethereum giveaway using your name in this video. Was that from the real DAI?? PLEASE RESPOND. I'm just wondering if I missed out

  11. Make sure you don't get rekt in BTC value by hodling XRP. Most would be by now, which is a shame. The gains lost are huge. I can't believe this XRP shill freak doesn't educate his subscribers about this, even have the guts to say buy more in the dips. Literally everything he says is utter bs.

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