REGULATORS BAN BITCOIN & XRP?? Why This Is Stupid For The U.S.& Ripple/XRP Will Thrive Regardless

-California congressman wants to ban crypto and why this is actually a bullish sign.
*I am not a financial adviser & this is not financial advice


30 thoughts on “REGULATORS BAN BITCOIN & XRP?? Why This Is Stupid For The U.S.& Ripple/XRP Will Thrive Regardless”

  1. There is no such thing as bad publicity and the government has no business telling you what you can spend your money on. What is next are they going to tell us what to believe or what religion we are allowed to believe in?

  2. The dollar at this point is only worth about $0.08 are paper economy which is the stock market is being propped up by useless Fiat they have nowhere else to go but into crypto the old system is dead everything will be digitalized these Democrats are completely retarded. we should call and commies they're useless and I don't even know why we have them in the office at this point they want to implement a new world order and destroy the United States f*** Democrats and whatever horse they rode on

  3. Rule Of Law? About what? California politicians have terrorized the real citizens into wanting to leave California … He just wants the petro dollar to be the reserve currency but that will soon be a thing of the past because it has no real value other than whatever paper is worth …Other countries will toss the dollar into the trash can and use metals and crypto for trades .

  4. I dont agree with you .BTC for assets keep and carring and sending. Like gold. Ripple will use like paper maoney which like people use daily shopping.

  5. XRP all the way Mr Congressman! You don’t have the capacity to stop a revolution in the technology, it’s just beyond your reach.. leave urself in the dark while the rest of the world will be hundreds of years ahead of you..

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