REALIST NEWS – Quick Crypto Update – Bitcoin $6100

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40 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – Quick Crypto Update – Bitcoin $6100”

  1. Lol I will load the boat with Bitcoin when the next pull back comes. My last purchase was under $6,000. If it sells off a little buy next week I’m buying more.

  2. be patient snippy… BTC is going down to a new low… global recession is inbound and asians especially will sell for cash. BTC will be under 3000 before christmas. This will be remebered as the biggest bear trap for a decade 😉

  3. If BTC goes to 100k and pulls back to 60k this clown is gonna say: you see? I told you there was gonna be a pull back. He is so lucky there are still stupid ppl willing to give their money away to this scammer , i cant not see any bussiness surviving after so many epic fails going from BITPETIT SCAM, PILLAR, DENT, PAY and many other paid SHILLINGS he did and his master peace, telling every body not to sell LTC at 300usd, 200, 100, and when finally LTC touched bottom at 25 usd he comes out to tell everybody to sell.
    I understamd scammers like joe to exist but someone plz explain why are there so many fools out there buying what these criminals are selling? Are humans that stupid ?

  4. Joe just out of curiosity what happens when Bitcoin is locked by concerns like BAKKT and not traded? BAKKT has admitted they have been buying every dip so we have to assume the others are too. How is that reflected in the over bought indicator? Answer is it isn't and in the not to distant future it will be pretty difficult to buy bitcoin (at least a whole one) and when that occurs what happens to the price? The price goes up regardless and the over bought indicator wont mean crap. Just a thought.

    Oh and this might explain why we are seeing Bitcoin creep up slowly. The larger players are quietly and slowly switching to buying retail since the OTC is drying up. You can probably apply all of the above to LiteCoin as well.

  5. Sold my LTC at 30$ like you said still waiting for the 15$ bottom cant wait to own all your haters with my 2x accumulation how mad are these guys gonna be right snip

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