REALIST NEWS – BOSS Trump Warns China To "Act Now" On Deal Or Face "Far Worse" Terms

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23 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – BOSS Trump Warns China To "Act Now" On Deal Or Face "Far Worse" Terms”

  1. Buy F Made in America the hel with China and its supporters 😎👍🏼🤣🤣🤣 China’s economy Sucks since 3 years ago this well placed Tariffs will send China Crashing like a Drunk Biatchh 😂😎🤣👍🏻

  2. I don't get it, the US prints fiat money sends it all over the world and gets minerals, finished products and still is not happy? I mean your getting this stuff for FREE now if you had to pay in gold, or bitcoin I could see your point.

  3. Are you grossly misinformed ,or simply playing dumb? Your entire world is upside down.What does China lose if tariffs are increased? Nothing. China is done piling up worthless federal reserve notes while they are the biggest producers of real wealth; gold. What if China says we are not shipping anything to the US anymore? What are you going to wear, drive, eat, and consume? Wait till China dumps US debt, and see what is going to happen!

  4. China has likely been preparing for this day for a long long time, probably decades. The art of war says let your opponent destroy themselves. It looks to me to be playing out as such.

  5. I agree with you Snip Dog but where are the hanging nooses for the ones who allowed Sanctuary Cities and illegal invasions that use children as a cover with no limits

  6. According to the Chapwood index there's around 10% inflation in the US, so the dollar is losing value at a record pace. The tweeter-in-chief is the Boris Jeltsin of the US, the one that will have to deal with the collapse of an empire.

  7. You’ve fallen for trump BS over China tariffs. It’s the US consumer that ends up paying the tariffs. But don’t worry, trump says there’s hardly any inflation 🤣😂

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