Populous Coin – Invoicing Meets Blockchain Cryptocurrency

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Populous coin has proven to be a strong investment in cryptocurrency for over the last few months as it has been a top 25 coin for sometime. Even on a sea of Red Populous still holds strong.

A QUICK “Caught My Eye” segment

This one is called “UP on a DOWN day”
We use all this RED to find good opportunities and do research on solid companies.
1. Populous
2. one of the only + on the top 20 this morning
3. PROCESS OF USING altCoinBuzz for……………BUZZZZZZ
1. search the…


50 thoughts on “Populous Coin – Invoicing Meets Blockchain Cryptocurrency”

  1. Please put name of narrator in video title so we know who's videos are what. Please do a Blockchain J only channel or a Blockchain J playlist with only Jeff videos.

  2. Do you still think Binance Coin will 10x this year even with Robinhood app offering crypto exchange? Or would my money be better somewhere else other than Binance Coin? Thank you for your time!

  3. Populous is a joke Discounted invoicing or Factoring as it's known in that industry. Their business documents show, and operating profit of $10m in 3 years time. In the REAL WORLD a bisiness with that profit level. Would be valued at $40-$100M
    Not $2.7B as of today. Completely CRAZY!!!

  4. 💰💰💰💰💰 Thank you!! Very unique project. ONIX is now considered to be one of the best investment decisions. It is a Venezuelan fintech project to develop a cryptocurrency (ONX) for loans, instant peer to peer payments with low fees and much more. ONIX could hit single-digit. This is a buy and hold. Always DYOR

  5. You should definitely look into doing a video specifically on paypie similar concept plus credit assessment, on etherdelta right now for 2.00, will definitely be hitting 10 to 20 once it hits another exchange.

  6. Cliff high said PPT will be one of the greatest cryptos of history, like in 50 years your grand kids will ask you why arent we rich and you have to tell them cuz i didnt invest in populous

  7. All you are saying is alt coin buzz called it before and its up on bad days lol… You are not even talking about the fundamentals of the coin, or that it's launching beta soon. Pointless video.

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