New iPhone boom or bust? 3 trades

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The Fast Money traders discuss the iPhone X launch compared to this year’s iPhone Xs.


6 thoughts on “New iPhone boom or bust? 3 trades”

  1. Every time Apple puts out a new iPhone, all the pundit get out and say, "Is Apple going to die on this new product?" Every quarter Apple announces record sales and the pundits still keep saying, "Apple is doomed or something."

  2. – Tim Cook Is an old man and he thinks it's "COOL" too … It's a shame what's about to happen to apple.. the young generation is about to dump this crap.. and the old people will be left with a heart monitor on there wrist… Like seriously… Give me a break.

  3. iPhone feeling pricing pressure technology getting old – they really are a one product company with 68% of revenue attributable to the phone – Ipad is dying a slow death – computers are a break even so really where's the future growth?

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