Losing Faith in the Crypto Market?

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Many people are losing faith in the crypto market right now. I’m not one of them, but I do advocate being smart with where you put your money.
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50 thoughts on “Losing Faith in the Crypto Market?”

  1. And what ever you do, don't take investment advice from Crypto Twitter profiles with a cartoon profile pic. Anytime the crypto market moves up a few percent, these guys will come out with tweets like:

    "BTC jumped from $3.2K to $3.6K
    That may be the last dip or we go lower"

    Like WTF??? Seriously??What is the point of such a tweet? That basically says to me they bought at $3.2K and are shitting their pants and tweeted that so people can FOMO in with them.

  2. Totally agree. Ive a friend who uses a % of his monthly wage to buy btc regardless of current btc price. Hes accumulating……… i say to him how about rather than accumulate btc, why not accumulate fiat and when market bottoms out go all in…? That way he would end up with three times the amount of btc!

  3. Great video! I missed the first wave and really didn't understand the market. There is no way I'm missing this wave!!! Keep investing money you don't care if you lose.

  4. Dude you are loosing it! Borrow money to invest in bitcoin??!!! Big no no! Never borrow money for speculative, none backed investments and would not recommend anyone else doing it!!

  5. The buy and sell of crypto is what sets the price. More buys crypto goes up, more sells crypto goes down. It's that simple. Blockchain is the mechanism that's allows for cryptocurrency. People keep on selling the price will keep on dropping. IMO

  6. I lost 10k in this bear market wish i had taken my money and bought in now. but its not a big deal cause i am going to buy as much as i can cause in the future crypto will be one of the biggest technologys and if it goes down lower thats ok also. i hope it does.

  7. People will spend 1k on an iphone and watch its value plummet over 2 years. They don't care. They can't do that with crypto though. Crypto doesn't have a shelf life. It doesn't expire. You only lose if you trade it something of lesser value.

  8. Did I hear correct? You are taking a loan out if hits $1000 !!! My god. Rule 101 never take loans to invest unless that investment I backed by something ie Real Estate and mortgages. Insanity on steroids otherwise.

  9. With a recession looming and a financial downtrend in stocks – yeah, I'am not investing yet either. We will see the market going lower.

    BTW. the powerhungry, slowly gen. 1 Blockchain run by BTC core shouldn't be considered as the underlying financial foundation in this space and as a leader for the next crypto bullrun. BTC might have returned countless times from the dead but it shouldn't this time – then I start believing in Crypto/Blockchain again.

  10. Come on it's just a cycle. The market needs to drop deeper into the capitulation phase, clean out those 2000 plus scam alt coins before speculators push it back up into the low and gradual accumulation phase. Use the despair and capitulation phase of the market to buy more and continue to buy up into the accumulation phase of the cycle which may take 2 years? Especially if you had no bitcoin during 2010 to 2016, this bear cycle will be your opportunity to be a real holder once the price drops lower. People selling out is a good thing for us in the long term, that's how Buffet made most of his big gains, by buying in at the end of the bear market when other were too scared to buy at near it's lowest point. Don't be surprised if bitcoin goes to $800. Just be ready to start buying in gradually and continue to buy during the turvy accumulation phase. Especially if you are playing the long game, then this is a great opportunity ahead, but it must go lower first. and there is no reason why anyone will begin buying right now, those supports have all been broken, all the way down and will continue as who is rushing out to buy, very few people right now so be ready, accumulate your cash, when you think it's lowest, buy just a bit, then wait and see, there is no rush now. But keep a close eye on it.

  11. I think you've traded one logical fallacy for another. The flaw is the 'jumping in' part. Why not just dollar cost average a bit every week or two for the next 10 years? That is how most people become trully wealthy. Long, slow, steady and (boring) investing 😴

  12. 1) I looked at Coinmarketcap’s weekly history, going back to 2013.
    2) I saw so many different coins that had spiked and then died, never to return.
    3) I remembered how ‘history repeats itself’.
    4) I kicked myself for investing in something so stupid.
    5) I’m holding in the desperate hope that some of my 25 various coins will survive and allow me to recoup some fiat.

  13. hope that scarf is keeping you warm whilst you lose your shirt. Leave all this childs stuff alone, cypto is not going into main stream production for a generation.. we all know this, you know this. Stop wasting time with this sht

  14. Indicators? Seriously? Just need all the amateur YooToob crypto "traders" to capitulate and then the smart money load ups. "The time to buy is when there's blood in the streets." – Baron Rothschild

  15. Do Warren Buffet invest on the basis of technical analysis? I'm pretty sure he only invest in companies he believe in that has a product he believes in. Sorry to say but that's seems like the opposite of your strategy. I think I've heard you don't really believe in the technology your just in it for the money?

  16. The catalyst for this recent sharp downturn is very clear and that was the bch bsv shit show which confirmed to myself {and many others} that things must change for it to reverse. Yesterday it took 5 hours for my BTC transaction to be confirmed and I refuse to believe that it can become a SOV with such poor utility. I believe we will keep heading down until we see either a collapse in the fiat markets or when another coin manages to decouple from BTC. It won't be any of the other versions of BTC which leaves only Dash which is totally focused on user adoption and is pushing hard in places like Colombia and Venezuela. If the Bitcoins had the same fundamentals as dash we wouldn't be in this position. Even taking into account the ICO scamfest. The problem is Bitcoin{s} , yes it is king but less face it, it's not a very good one.

  17. It‘s time to invest when most people loose their faith … TA will help to „see“ this moment … i‘m absolutely with you, right now there is no time for a bull run … everybody is only trading shortterm … we will see the next hype when realtime adoption starts … we need a „Event“ not a „price prediction“ … everybody should be patient and preserve money!!!

  18. hello me old friend asger 😛 you still believe in the market eh? what ELSE would you say! when things were looking up you started your own "business" selling "advice" lol now what? are you going to be the big man and refund ALL those SUCKERS who "subscribed"??? luckily i never did 😛 looked like a three card trick to me eventually i got out in August with a 60% loss on the year …now it would be in excess of 90%!! but you, yes you have gained whether the market went up or down if your advice was so valuable you would have course kept it to yourself all you did was attempt to cash in on the crapto craze and peoples gullibility and greed

  19. You sound angry. If that is your sentiment and your sentiment is much like everyone else's then you know where we are at. We are in the anger phase and not the capitulation phase. Reference Wall Street's Cheat Sheet, Psychology-of-Market-Cycles

  20. For me personal, TA isnt relevant at all. Price at the moment is not relevant, too (except the thing that I can dca very good now). I have my own strategy, and this strategy is buy and wait till it reaches moon. Simple as that. =) … I startet "investing" in March 2018 and bought every dip since then. Of course Iam heavily in the red at the moment, but for every buy my number 1 rule is, I have to hodl it minimum 1 year. Why? … because in my country profits from selling crypto are TAX free after 1 year holding. So if the bull comes back…. lets say maybe mid december 2019, everything I sell then will be at 0% TAX.

    Everyone here makes his own decisions, so everyone has to take responsibility for their decisions. Dont blame others if you lose.

  21. I've been in Bitcoin for 10years now, and have total faith in it because it was created to replace paper money so I will never sell,
    I'm just waiting, and the time is close. The central banks created it
    And can manipulate it just like they do the unemployment numbers and the stock market. Crypto currency is a easily manipulated Market because of the overall market cap just being 150 billion.
    They're just trying to shake out all the weak hands

  22. Back in november and December 2017. Most expert and youtuber say 2018 will be the ico project delivery and real mass adoption. Bitcoin will go 25k, 40k and bullish on 2018. What happen in the end. ALL expert are make wrong call. Include myself my profolio down 90%. Now they all see the trend so many long red. They call bearish again to 1.8k, 1k. Do you want to hold your hand tight until 1k and you all in. Big yes! I tell you going to miss out and pay higher premium. 3k is next door to us and the upside is huge. cost average down from 3k is more safer and dont try to greed and catch the bottom point.

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