Live: eBay to accept Crypto? #Consensus 2019 Leaks

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Live: eBay to accept Crypto? #Consensus 2019 Leaks

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27 thoughts on “Live: eBay to accept Crypto? #Consensus 2019 Leaks”

  1. Hey Mike. Informative as always, just please try to be more concise. We have a lot of crypto news to read and all you passed in this video could be told in 15-30 minutes

  2. Hello Michael. If there is anything I have learned from you and a few other You Tubers is to utilize critical thinking when these events take place. Tariffs are taxes. Ebay etc. are the entities we are attempting to circumvent. It IMO is imperative that we educate each other and grow our global community. Crypto is a worry but global unity is the true threat to the status quo. Keep up the great work. In closing, I ask all of your followers to ask themselves one thing when evaluating events. Who stands to benefit the most?

  3. UTRUST recently received their licence to operate worldwide.. But eBay rumor is not real.. There is a big announcement coming tomorrow in Consensus though..

  4. LOL – I have been selling on ebay for 15 years I would be way beyond surprised if ebay are actually going to accept crypto, they are talking about selling digital collectables but that is not the same thing. ebay are about to dump Paypal as preferred payment provider so big changes are in the air & anything possible. Make no mistake – if ebay get involved in crypto it will be 100% profit related, they pander to no one but shareholders & have no interest in sellers avoiding fees all they want is MORE fees from sellers – forget that idea

  5. Utrust is the ICO everyone forgot during the bear market, but it is coming now. Launch of the platform is probably this week (they got the license to operate globally last week), next will be the wallet (not mandatory to use utrust but will grant instant transactions) and the POS system. It's gonna be a revolution in payments in crypto, the first ever with buyer protection. It has a solid and smart team. Watch out for Sanja Kon who is supposed to make an announcement during consensus! Not sure if that ebay and utrust could be real, we will find out soon enough!

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