43 thoughts on “Jim Cramer: President Trump must stop tweeting if he wants the Dow to start going up”

  1. The biggest affect on my portfolio no longer has to do with how my company chooses to run themselves, and their actual business models. It has to do with what the orange buffoon chooses to tweet in the morning, It's getting pretty annoying. I just hold for long-term, eventually people will realize their mistakes and wake-up. You can't fluff an economy forever with rising deficits and overvaluing stocks, it'll bite us in the ass eventually.

  2. Even Cramer is sick and tired of the erratic president. He is right that the market should not depend on Trump tweets. As a trader, you set up your trades based on market analysis and fundamentals. The market opens, and most of your trades are going your way. All of a sudden, the market reverses and you have to liquidate your positions with loses. You wonder, what the heck just happened. Turns out it was one of those Trump tweets. Trading algorithms are now programmed to react to Trump tweets, and faster than humans can react. It is just crazy the level of volatility due to Trump tweets. We don't follow market fundamentals anymore. SAD

  3. Jim is all like "what can they possibly do" as if he forgets what foreign country owns a majority of our growing debt. Who will buy the 1.5 trillion in bonds that they dump and what will happen to rates? Who will buy the bonds they dump on top of the trillions we are about to keep adding each year as the new norm. It seems cramer is a complete idiot when it comes to anything but stock prices.

  4. In the days after the market took a huge hit because the Fed wouldn't cut rates on our amazing economy, Apple came out with terrible earnings but said china was picking up for them and it lifted the entire market. It made EVERYTHING OK for the talking heads. But now we're not supposed to care that much about apple losing china?

  5. NoBody taking advantages of others, all past business were agreed between parties before making the deals. like including giving the technical advice or skills. that usually in the contracts. both could refuse the deals. Its unfair to say China steal the skills ??? It silly saying after the deals made!!!

  6. cramer is a bloviating fool who litterally tried like trump in his alternative reality bubble to dismiss over 1.2 billion ppl. good luck with that.

  7. Only a moron would believe that the trade war is the reason. If only NBC told the whole narrative on how our Economy truly works with debt. But nah, they are owned by the central banks them selves.

  8. Great idea to make the American people pay again for another bad idea.Lets make sure the the rich get richer and the rest suffer through another poor idea.I think most people are growing tired of listening to all the bull shit

  9. The Wall Street money grubbers have yet to figure out what is happening. It is Trump's intention to STOP most if not all trade with the PRC and rebuild North America's industrial base which over the last 35 years has been destroyed by the PRC with Wall Street's blessing.

  10. I’ve been following Jim Dingleberry for 15 years and here is my opinion about this fool. He is just here to entertain and that’s it. If you listen to him you will lose your money. Never seen him being right. It is a miracle how he is WRONG everyday lol 😂

  11. his friends can make millions and billions if Trump co-op with them by sending twitters. Market can be so easily manipulated by Trump, crazy!

  12. I don’t care for Trump as I think he is basically an idiot but he is doing the right thing with China. He have to put a tough stance against China and make sure they stop stealing our technology. Short term pain for long term gain. And hey if we go into a recession all the better cause 45 will not get re-elected

  13. Look at your veins around your eyes, you crazy F@#K! Your 100% bucket of accomplishments in life would only fill 5% of Trump's bucket list of accomplishments, judgment, thought, gut instinct, experience, diversity of thought….etc……..But keep on running your mouth, only reveals your true colors.

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