Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin?

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin?
Bitcoin has jumped sharply in price & everyone is asking if now is a good time to buy Bitcoin or is it too late to buy Bitcoin? Well today I want to answer those questions by discussing the Bitcoin &, Crypto & Altcoin market cycles.
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4 Year Cycle:

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35 thoughts on “Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin?”

  1. Not sure how much of this has been based off Bob Loukas' analysis as well, but you've done a well explained vid. I suggest people here also go look at Bob's channel.

  2. Very good and sane overview of the cryptomarkets.
    Education can certainly help understand the basics. But the most important factor remains the investment horizon of each individual.

    While the news /publications are all about trading tips a la Wall Street, the majority of people come to cryptomarkets for 1 or 2 cycles and eventually move on due to stress/tension or lack of funds.
    Some people look at BTC as a store of value for future crypto purchases, in which case the top, bottom, movements are never really factored in. It's all about use-cases and portfolio buidling.
    Others have simply forgotten about their coins because they make way much more money "working" inside/outside the Cryptospace than the returns on hodling cryptos will ever provide.

    The biggest deterrent to acquiring/selling cryptos at the moment is the Taxation/Regulation trap. Anybody can get x5 gains on BTC within a cycle (usually 1.5-2 years). However, those who are well-off (i.e steady jobs, solid salaries, high disposable income) shy away from selling their hodlings because they will have to pay big bucks into the taxman's pocket.
    Traders make lots of money, but also lose a lot too. But their game is the adre-rush of hedonism, not so much getting gaining wealth/prosperity.
    Those who are buying BTC in regular amounts are probably the ones who benefit from the Hodl-Sell strategy, consolidating their annual income over time without falling into high tax brackets. But then, I would argue that this is never going to make them "rich". 🙂

  3. so you didn’t answer the question that is in the title of your video, YES or NO? literally video could’ve gone for 3 seconds with you saying yes and I’d be more satisfied

  4. You’re the best analyst, Nugget. I’m not sure whether to take some profits before the next pullback – my BTC is up about 39%. This would be incredible in stocks, but in crypto it seems a bit low loll. I’m always hearing about Hodl, that’s why I’m asking. Any chance for some advice please Nugget? From one Aussie to another.

  5. 2019/20 Łitecoin and Bitcoin Block reward halvings closer every day ..🌔..🛰

    The Block reward halvings of 2012, 2015 and 2016 were followed by huge bull runs. The halvings have the same effect as if the production of gold, silver, oil or any other commodity was cut in half every four years.

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