Is Bitcoin Being Manipulated? Being Early vs Right, Long Term Holding, The Perfect High – Ep173

What a week it’s been! Are you ready for what’s next? Today we’re talking about macro, psychology and making decisions that will vastly improve your future.


Kik + Unity:
Manipulation Cartel:
Being Right + Early:…


43 thoughts on “Is Bitcoin Being Manipulated? Being Early vs Right, Long Term Holding, The Perfect High – Ep173”

  1. HODL = Loose money in a bear market. Rather sell / hedge in USD or wait it out in Tether (that's why they printed so much, to accommodate the anticipated downturn). Thank me later 😀

  2. You are worrying a bit too much about those little swings. Nobody will notice them in the near future. You are instigating people to sell right now, and many will get REKT because of that. I am so sorry for them. Just HODL is not enough. You also have to buy the fucking dip. You will never lose position. Traders have to be humble, Hodlers have to be patient. Patience is the virtue of the strongest.

  3. we are on the hedge of a bull run where more than 1 TRILLION dollars will be injected into the market. You are talking to a potential audience of 1.2k subscribers. People who take your subtle advice of sell and buy lower will be REKT because of that. Just because you did a couple of good trades does not mean anything. Gentlemens, it is time for a bull run. Stay safe, protect your position.

  4. Ok Mr. Rational…. Enough with your logic and reason!!
    Your measured and intelligent approach to this is just not exciting enough!
    Where's the slogans?
    Just kidding…
    That being said, I think your not giving enough weight to the fact that the manipulators are here in full force.
    And that they will fail.
    They're used to being able to control the narrative with an iron fist.
    Not. This. Time.

  5. Let me sum up the bulk of this video… You shouldn't just sell but holding may not be the best strategy. And to sum up the last couple weeks videos… You don't want to actively trade but it's time to trade our way into a better position.

  6. The big boys are manipulating the market, that is why it keeps dropping whitout a reason.
    The ONLY way to beat them is NOT TO SELL.
    Buy as low as posible and hodl.
    Spend your coins 2 or 3 times a week to stimulate adoption, but dont forget to replace them.

  7. I found it very entertaining when you started reading the poem!!!

    Really liked it as a poem, and as a part of Coin Mastery and how you're connecting dots.
    Been here since sub 30k, keep it up, but steady to the moon, road is slippery.

  8. Carter, you gave me a totally different view on crypto. Everyone talked about 2018 as the biggest year for crypto, most of them still do, but you helped me understand that it might not be. Unless 2018 boom really happens next week, you saved me a lot of bitcoins. One thing I am certain about now is that we cannot go from current state into an epic boom market in just a couple of weeks.

  9. Told you there would be an easter sell off. Next major sell of will be in July when governments will really address regulation. Looking to be around 3,000 by July is my guess.

  10. A great episode as always. Even though I don't agree with you anymore after you become a trader, I still love to watch/listen to your video and sometimes listen to it twice. Your mentioning of Ayn Rand's books is definitely a plus. I enjoyed reading these two books, too. I also enjoyed the poetry. I like Michael Lewis's books, too.

  11. I'm sure there are big players playing with the price, but even if they are going to push the price down, who cares? You can't make much money just continually pushing down the price of an asset. You make the real insane amounts of money when you go against market sentiment and stop out the shorts / longs. This means that they will manipulate it up just as much as they manipulate it down.

  12. Hey Carter!

    Evolution is part of human nature. I found your channel because I wanted to hear another point view, but I've kept coming back because of your personality and vibe!
    Thinking about this, every youtuber I have ever followed daily was one where you could see the growth and adaptation. I find it funny when people speak of change in a negative connotation…

    I guess your personality just resonates with mine.

    Never change your habit to change… wait wat?

  13. Just conspiracy.. 17,000,000 in existence… And people all over the world holding.. Some lost.. Some not recoverable on hdd.. It's not a cartel.. It's just market correction.. It's normal.. But newbies just like to be sensationalized.. So by all means spread conspiracies.. As if FUD wasn't enough.. Smh.. Cheaper it goes.. More I'll buy that's all.. Lol…

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