How to Make Real Crypto Gains – Banks Dominate Crypto News

In this episode we discuss How to Make Real Crypto Gains – Banks Dominate Crypto News
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8 thoughts on “How to Make Real Crypto Gains – Banks Dominate Crypto News”

  1. Not to be rude but you erred in stating the Central Bank of Venezuela is not controlled/owned by the Rothschild dynasty. They do in fact. Search "There Are Only 3 Countries In The World Without A Rothschild Owned Central Bank". The three which are not are Cuba, Iran & North Korea. Thank you for raising awareness. The people of the World must not conflate the whole of the Jewish people with one dynastic family as that is Anti-Semitic so be specific and use their name.

  2. IBM w/ Stellar are leaning toward crypto-banking for the third world. Seeking what Bitcoin/Lighting Network are attempting. No entity less than a major world government can hack IBM's infrastructure. IBM has quantum computers. Quantum resistant Vs. quantum vulnerable will be a major factor. When reverse engineering of private keys of quantum vulnerable entities is a reality the industry will shift capital investment into quantum resistant entities. IBM will be critically positioned to act as the guardian of the industry and will absorb the majority of that capital. Regardless of how I personally feel about IBM and its history they have the quantum computers. This is reality whether we accept it or not.

  3. Lots of good content, although one thing for sure is the public having a bunch of guns will not protect your ass. It is nothing but propaganda in having the public believe they require guns to defend themselves against the US military,, Perpetuated by the NRS. Of course they want you to buy guns, its called profit, but there is no way in hell you would even come close to defending yourself against the military. I would direct you to Beau of the Fifth column on YouTube, he has some very interesting content on the matter.

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