How Many Ripple XRP Should You Own?

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27 thoughts on “How Many Ripple XRP Should You Own?”

  1. Just noticed the video cuts off around 1-2 minutes before I was over. NOT sure why this is happening, but the last minute or so was me just saying thanks to everyone for watching. The information in the video that was published was more or less my complete thought on the matter.

  2. XRP will be used to replace cross border payments, SWIFT will be completely murdered by Ripple just like what happened to blockbuster with Netflix. XRP COMPLETELY solves the nostro and vostro problem where banks need accounts with foreign banks so they can send money. With XRP you just need to send the XRP. Every bank will use XRP and its market cap will be in the trillions. There is only 100b XRP and with a daily volume of over 6 trillion which it WILL have, then just think of what the price is going to be! You cant send more than 100b if there is no more to send.

  3. how come so many other youtube XRP channels invariably end up talking about converting XRP back to fiat to 'take profits'. why ever convert back to fiat? buy and keep your XRP. fiat is slavery

  4. Tinfoil hat time!!. Lets come up with theories on why he was cut off.. I think it was Bearable guy cuz he is jealous that he never thought of making one of these videos.

  5. But even if someone had 10,000 xrp to be a millionaire that would mean 1 xrp = $100 and that means the XRP Marketcap is about 4trillion$$$. How is that possible? Thanks in advance for anyone who can explain this to me…

  6. Not really a scarce asset if you have to "coin burn" it. That's called manipulation. Reminds me of Debeers and their manipulation on those shiny polished rocks called diamonds which aren't really scarce.

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