How I Would Personally Invest $1000 In Crypto

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36 thoughts on “How I Would Personally Invest $1000 In Crypto”

  1. Buy XRP it will drop to $0.15cents
    The RSI now remains highly overbought and a fall below the 200 day moving average would increase the possibility of a death cross as the 200 day moving average crosses below the 50 day moving average. This fits in the big picture as to how Ripple (XRP) might end up falling below $0.15 and stay there for a long time once it breaks below the descending triangle.

  2. “You would put your money into BTC??? That’s retarded – put in the savings account where it’ll make 0.0025% interest. Safely.”
    – said no one. Ever.

  3. My money is on Nano as I like risk with high reward followed by Litecoin which is more of a guarantee of gains. Everyone’s missed the boat on bitcoin, that is a potential Titanic. Not feeling it with all those other shitcoins like XRP the hype coin with no substance that is a whore for the banks

  4. I really like LIFE token.. the problem is whales are keeping the price low. it's so under the radar and only being on crap exchanges. think then their whole system is up and running by the end of the year this could be BIG

  5. If you consider any of the price prediction sites (even though none of them are accurate or right at all), just for the sake of comparison, you will see that it is a better investment to put your money on xrp than bitcoin at least for the next three years. And i would go even further and say that the business potential of coins like xrp or even xlm are far better than bitcoin for the next three to five years.

  6. TomoChain……TOMO still very under the radar & can easily moon with it's low cap & small total Supply, Mainnet launched & working product team constantly signing up new partners

  7. Bro keep an eye on $FTM Fantom ….it’s the world first DAG based smart contract platform ….advanced version of IOTA and NANO 😉
    Main net launching soon and smart city project partnerships with Dubai government 😁

  8. Why no mention of any privacy coin? XMR or ZEC have a bright future IMO. A privacy coin will always be needed and useful. Top usecase for crypto.

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