How Bitcoin in China Is Subverting the System

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Bitcoin. It’s a big deal in China. It can be used to subvert government controls. And the government can’t shut it down. At the Oslo Freedom Forum, China Uncensored producer Matt Gnaizda sat down with Bitcoin expert Leo Wheese. He’s the President of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong.

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38 thoughts on “How Bitcoin in China Is Subverting the System”

  1. 2 years ago, there was super price jump in bitcoin market in Korea and it was strongly related with China communist's black money and the market was manipulated by government faithful to China. They took advantage of this and much illegal funds streams was made with bitcoin market manipulations.

  2. The CCP's haste to go completely on to electronic credit is fueling the search for a currency that people can figuratively keep in their pockets, regardless of their social credit score.

  3. China afraid of BitCoin? NO…
    At beginning, China tried to influence, use, manipulate and control BitCoin. When it failed to fully control it, it become afraid and block it.

    China regime simply afraid of anything it cannot control, or cannot fully control.

  4. anyway, there are much better alternative then Bitcoin. for instance: EOS. It is ranked by China to be the number 1 blockchain project, due to its speed of half a second transactions and its free to transact. however, just like bitcoin, EOS is completely public, your balance and what you do is all exposed online. if you want privacy, I would suggest PEOS, a token in the EOS network.

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