HoloChain(Hot) Bullrun Continues! Holo Cryptocurrency Now Looking $HOT

HoloChain(Hot) is the subject of this video and our friend Faze Crypto talks about this technology as we see the Bullrun for HoloChain(Hot) continuing even in this current market. In this video we discuss the future of this technology and the way it could stand up against Bitcoin BTC in the future and we also discuss XRP and the multiple technologies such as #HoloChain(Hot) in the context of…


18 thoughts on “HoloChain(Hot) Bullrun Continues! Holo Cryptocurrency Now Looking $HOT”

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  2. Introducing the Commons Engine  — Holochain in the World of Deep Wealth

    An invitation to “next economy” forerunners
    Think of the Commons Engine as a Holochain project incubator that specializes in bootstrapping all sorts of hApps (HC apps): asset-backed currencies, complex open value flow designs for the material and knowledge commons, and tools for democratic governance of organizations and common-pool resources.

    Learn more: https://medium.com/h-o-l-o/introducing-the-commons-engine-9818315214f0

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