Here's WHEN Bitcoin Enters a Bull Market

How can you know with a high degree of probability that bitcoin has likely started a bull market? What needs to happen first. In this video we reveal 3 very important and interesting scenarios on Bitcoin.

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30 thoughts on “Here's WHEN Bitcoin Enters a Bull Market”

  1. Now you should man up and say it out loud that bull run is confirmed. Because your first option confirming bull run has been smashed by far.

  2. Watching this again looks funny now, lol very unlikely to go 6800 well guess what latest price is 7300! The problem is too many people expecting a pull back and trying to be a contrarian and lining up their buy orders and the price actually does the reverse. It is confirmed we're in a bull market now and the beginning of a parabolic rise to the 6 digits, it may pull back every now and then but it will be nothing major, 100k and above is inevitable.

  3. Admit it! Your popularity exists because of crypto. And even if you don't believe in them, and know nothing about their technology, you exploited the subject to grow your channel.

  4. I'm encouraged with your YouTube videos! I am a crypto believer and I am still buying. I learned my lessons over the past 10 months. Although I am down on my portfolio value, I am still buying via dollar cost averaging. I truly believe the current prices will be laughably low in a few months or a year from now. I take the risk of lower prices on the short term for granted, knowing that the prices will be much higher on the long term. I am not taking the risk of not having invested what I could (because of I was waiting for lower prices) and then not take full advantage of the bull run. For me buying more crypto until the bull run begins is a no brainier and with the help of Allan Shaw , I am able to increase my bitcoin portfolio, 18 btc and counting. Thanks to his trading strategies and signals. surely now I am expectant of the bull run. Feel free to contact him. instead of just hodling and wishing for the best in a market manipulated by whales you can make so much more. His consulting email allanshaw1820@gmailcom or WhatsApp +447427159640 and thank me later

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